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  1. Q

    I’ve got skinny legs vs. upper body

    I’m not one of those guys who goes to the gym and just trains my upper body I do everything and it’s disappointing that I still have chicken legs and people give me a hard time about it I’m six foot two and I’m 218 pounds. I’ve been training my legs at least an hour at least once or twice a week...
  2. E

    Planning on improving my legs

    I would like to get my legs improved because everyone says I have chicken legs and it's making me very upset when they make fun of me I have some ideas for the best calf workouts I was thinking of doing three sets of farmers carry, bent knee calf raises, single leg calf raises, jump rope...
  3. 3

    Want to grow my calves

    I'm a female who has really tiny legs. My calves are really skinny and it's embarrassing because the rest of my body is pretty thick. I've got a pretty muscular upper body but no legs. I'm tall for a girl over 6ft tall. What PED’s will help me grow thicker legs but not cause me to grow a...
  4. R

    bench pressing your way out of skinny

    some big meathead was lecturing me the other day at the gym saying how I was skinny cause I wasn’t doing bench pressing. He said he used to be the same way years ago and then started doing bench press like everyday and he got big off of that. He said his legs grew too. Is this logical?
  5. R

    throwing up on leg day

    what do you think it means when I throw up on leg day? I do legs 1-2X per week and over the past month I have thrown up just about everytime when doing my legs. I’m not sure if I am just over training or if there is something else you can recommend for me
  6. R

    first cycle to train legs, and legs only

    Hi Guys, Thank you in advance, I have used this forum a long long time ago and found the help very useful. I am 25 been training seriously since I was 16 and about 5 years ago I was thinking about taking steroids and was convinced by users here that I was too young, I took the advice and...
  7. EveryCurve

    Anavar for First Time Female

    Hi Fellow Fitness Friends! I am brand new to Elite and wanted to make my debut by asking the most burning questions I have before starting my very first cycle of Var, and then following with Clen for fat burning results. I have an especially hard time getting rid of that last little bit of fat...
  8. Jennifer.B

    Quads and Hamstring training Advice?

    I was hoping some of you could give me some training advice, with legs. Which is my least fav body part to work out.. I'm happy with everything on my body and how I train them, but legs still need improvement, to my standards at least. My calves are pretty muscular, that's not so much a...
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