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  • Thank you for the advice. While I am set on doing the cycle I do appreciate the information. My cycle choice was based on volumes of clinical research into the effectiveness of each component and consultation with my doctor. I am fortunate to have unlimited access to my doctor. The one thing we were not able to find through clinical data, that I was hoping to discover, was the effectiveness of the three components combined. I have data on oxandrolone and testosterone together and testosterone and HGH but nothing utilizing all three. Since I have not been able to find peer reviewed data from actual clinical studies I figured I would ask those who may have used them. I do appreciate the information and I will take it into account as I gauge my performance and results. The dosing of each component of my cycle is fairly low because I am hoping to stay on it for a while. The HGH and testosterone dosing is within hormone replacement dosing so I know I can continue those for an extended period. The 50mg of oxandrolone will require regular blood work to monitor. Unlike testosterone and HGH it can increase ldl cholesterol levels while lowering hdl. Because I am taking all three I am interested if there will be a neutralizing affect. Thank you again for the advice. I am grateful.
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