This is my routine for a 4 days a week work out.
I dont know all the tech terms so hopefully this will do.
Goals are to get good overall for a couple months before I go to a trainer to further help tone specific areas.
Been building for 4 years but took a year off.

Please help me build it better.
All is about one min between sets
Usually 4 sets of 8 to 10
30 mins walking to cool down after workout

Monday is legs
Leg extensions/leg curls (supersets)
Leg Press/ Lunges (supersets)
inner thigh/ outer thigh on cybex machine
Glutes using cybex machine (3 in supersets)

Tuesday is legs/abs
Donkey lifts/ back extensions (Supersets)
Incline Crunches/ leg lifts for crunches (Supersets)
Rowing for back/ side to side with 20 lbs in hands for side of abs (supersets)

Wed is rest

Thursday is shoulders
delts with arms extended to side then to front (Supersets)
Military press/peck flyes (supersets)
bent over rowe/ bench press (Supersets)
Pulldowns/ dumbell pull over lying on bench (supersets)
Upright rows/incline flyes (supersets)
Lat rowes/ shrugs (supersets)

Friday is arms
Standing curls/ tricept kickbacks (supersets)
Preacher curls/ bench dips (supersets)
Hammer curls/ Tricep pulldowns (supersets)
Cable curls/french press (supersets)

Well there is the damage!!
Please help so I dont waste time in the gym or need adjustments with training in a good order.


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