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Approved Log My Fat Loss journey Log

keep up the good work man
a down week is a good sign it means your body is getting stronger
very nice job
you're avoiding the junk food which is great to see
@blueshadow13 sleep eating, you mean you waking up eating and not sure you doing it?
are you taking sleeping pills or smoking marijuana or any drugs? please clarify

your training is good but how much cardio is in there?
As in like sleep walking and unconsciously eating. I do not take medications sleeping pills and I do not take drugs or alcohol.

I have a family history of night terrors but I will sleep walk every now and then. Iv been told by doctors it’s the same part of the brain and there’s no real cure for it.
night terrors that is some scary stuff
maybe have a dog that can keep an eye on you at night?
Can you set up alarms or Bells
this way if you do wake up it will set them off
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