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SARMS RAD140 and SR9009 Log

Leg day yesterday, another strong workout. Big thing I noticed was being to able to breathe much easier and not getting winded after heavy squats and deadlifts. That's big for me since I have asthma. Still leaning out, weight is still coming down slowly, but muscles feel full and hard. Even though I'm dieting, still lifting as strong as during a bulk. So far so good.
I have read that LGD causes some shutdown around week four of a cycle. Seems RAD is similar to LGD let us know if you experience any shutdown/suppresion. Are you using a test booster?
I'm using some hcgenerate to mitigate any shutdown. Still not sure what it best compares to, lgd is great, but I retain water on it, no bloat on this. It's still early though.
Thanks bro, just playing guinea pig.

Had another strong workout yesterday, chest and tris. Was a little more tired after working legs the day before. Taking today and tomorrow off.

Really think if I added s4 this would be a killer stack for sarms.
Only thing I have to report is leg discomfort, like muscle pain, very similar to the first time I used lgd. This probably will make leg day more difficult.
Haha not yet.

I've gotten a lot stronger over the past week though. Did back and biceps today. Hit three new pr today. I'm not talking about test + tren strong, but impressive for sarms. Excedrin helped the leg pain, which is concentrated in my quads and hips. I think it might be related to mk677 I'm using and water retention. Might drop that to see if it helps. If that doesn't work I'll drop the dose of the rad140.
Also I'm 33 years old and haven't had this much acne since I was a teenager. Hopefully tanning will help
Good log man, is it still too early to compare rad140's strength to LGD4033?
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