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Approved Log 2023 Test, Deca, Sarm cycle log

I thought I posted this last week. Guess not.
I got my PRP shots 5 days ago. I have to take two weeks off then ease back into it. I got one shot in shoulder and another in my knee.
I will let y’all know how it wors
Looking forward to this
Old knee surgery in 1984 so knee is just old and legs not strong cause knee always hurts.
Hoping knee feels better so I can start doing more leg stuff. Running- I have runners legs, but walkers knees!

Shoulder alway a dominate part when I lift.
End of last year it really got bad and did MRI.
Found Bursitis, arthritis, split tendon and bulge in rotator cuff with possible tear.

I have been pushing as hard as my body would allow. Pain and age has definitely limited some success. We are trying this PRP and hoping it works. If not shoulder surgery is in the future. It could take more than one round of PRP. We shall see.
I am still going to gym so I don’t loose my motivation. Just not lifting for another week.
It’s driving me nuts. Last night I did left arm curls. Since that arm is smaller figured couldn’t hurt.
I've had PRP in both my neck and back with great success. Needed one round each time. Hope you heal well. Injuries really suck. You just gotta do what you can do and keep plugging away. Keep us informed on how your doing. Good luck!!
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