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SARMS RAD140 and SR9009 Log


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Going to be starting a new log today of a new SARM RAD140 and the new metabolism boosting "exercise in a bottle" drug SR9009.

Here is some info on RAD 140:

Even just a few mg of RAD140 has anabolic effect
Selective androgen receptor modulator RAD140 is neuroprotective in ... - PubMed - NCBI
Design, Synthesis, and Preclinical Characterization of the Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) RAD140

Looks very promising, going to be running it at 10mgs for 4 weeks. Keeping it short because there are still a lot of unknowns.

New drug mimics the beneficial effects of exercise

Going to be running it at 5-10mgs, though I've seen some run it up to 20mgs. Will be stacking it with creatine as it has the ability to create new mitochondria.

My plan is to attempt a recomp. Bodyfat right now is high at 17% and weight as of this morning is 221lbs.

Just a note, I'm not being sponsored by any sarms company to do this, so I'll have no trouble saying this stuff is garbage if it is. But if it does work out, maybe it can be something the board sponsors might consider carrying in the future.
Took 10mg of RAD 140 and 5 mg of SR9009 this morning. It's been about 2 hours and I have a lot more energy than I ever would on a Monday morning so I can definitely feel it working. The only other product I'll be using is mk677 at night. I'm hoping I don't have trouble sleeping at night. Hopefully dosing it early enough in the morning will help
Here's some more info:
RAD140 has a greater anabolic effect than testosterone, but fewer androgenic side effects. When the researchers combined RAD140 and testosterone, RAD140 reinforced the anabolic effects of testosterone, but reduced the androgenic side effects of testosterone on the prostate. That might mean that RAD140 can make testosterone cycles more effective and safer.
Both compounds are looking very interesting. RAD140 is still in the pre-clinical studies but it's looking promising (RAD soon gets into the Phase I Study). I hope you made some bloodwork - better stay on the safer side when experimenting with pre-clinical research chemicals. In combination with MK-677 your cycle could be promising. Will definitely follow. Good luck.
I actually had bloodwork done about a week ago. That's a big reason why I'm keeping this a short cycle.
Don't want hijack the thread just a little information: SR9009 was tested in mice with no Rev-ErbAα protein (rodents generally don't have it). By activating with the SR9009 the same pathways all the effects could be achieved (lower bloodfat (triglycerides), better cholesterine, better HDL, lower LDL). All these points were achieved by better skeletal muscle metabolic activity (also the cell cultures had it, good sign). But the main point is that humans have this named protein. It's unclar if the results from mice could transferred on humans. Even Burris (the creator of SR9009) says that.

Glad you made a bloodworkt it will be especially for you to see the changes (if there are any of SR9009). But RAD140 should definitely work :)
Had a great workout last night, did back and biceps. Spent about an hour and a half working out, had a lot of energy, breathing was much better than it has been. Weight this morning wa 218.4lbs so I must have been holding some water weight yesterday. Only thing I've noticed is that my eyes are really dry, but I don't know if I can contribute that directly to these compounds.
hey man, good log, iv subbed. do you you think rad140 is a stronger/more anabolic sarm than lgd4033? and what hunger like on it?
It's kind of early to tell how strong it is yet. I was noticeably stronger in the gym yesterday.
As for hunger, I haven't noticed any change, but I'm always hungry
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