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I am back. My back ended up sidelining me for a a little more than a week. However, I will be back in the gym tomorrow and will try and get the pictures to work. Looking forward to being back. Still been meal prepping and trying to eat right. Plenty of pictures to come!

Edit: Just realized I didn’t post about pulling a muscle in my back a little over a week ago just walking up some stairs. Kept me out of the gym ever since but I am ready to get back at it tomorrow. Will post workout details, meals and pictures tomorrow.
Glad to hear your back is doing better
Had a good workout this morning. Went a little lighter just as a precaution and my back did great. Had a history of muscle strains in that same part of my back so hopefully strengthening everything up back there will help.

Barbell row 3x8 135 pounds definitely felt light
Lat pulldown 3x10 120 pounds
Cable seated row 3x10 120 pounds
Straight arm pulldown 3x10 80 pounds incredibly easy
Cable bicep curl 3x12 60 pounds

All in all a good workout just a bit light just as a precaution but everything was fine so definitely time to start upping the weights. Tomorrow is shoulder day! Breakfast was 6 scrambled eggs and 2 packets of protein oatmeal (10g protein each). Need to get some fruit to add in. Plus I had a 24 gram protein shake pre and post workout. Using ON Gold standard whey. Additionally I ate 2 lunches like I normally do consisting of chicken, rice and veggies spaced about 3-4 hours apart.
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