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Approved Log My 2024 Testosterone Equipoise cycle Log

My bloated abs from 3-4 weeks of heavy eating, should I increase diet to have more food(calories) or just hang tight?
If only I was eating and training and resting like this on my deca run, hmmmm

Would eq pair nicely with deca and test for a bulk cycle, just asking. Both are nor19 but is there any impact of that if you ran with moderate amounts?

Just a question, my cycle is eq/test.
Those abs look killer bro......
work out look solid
you're consistency is really giving you some great results
if you want to add something you can always add some body weight exercises
I’m adding dips next week after incline press movements on the high rep days, how’s that sound?
any special plans for the weekend?
Taking the weekend off to watch my oldest daughter’s team play state cup soccer match.
Plan to grill a nice steak Sunday maybe have some fish Saturday.

And cardio Saturday

Pretty chill weekend
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