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Approved Log My TRT blast planning log

gotta control that libido the more I work out the more I control it
I notice the more I workout the higher my libido is lol.
Today was back day and it was great. One thing of note the rack pulls I increased to 205 pounds and still feels pretty light. Next week I think I will start with 205 and work my way up. The hammer lat pulldowns weight is per hand.

Rack pulls: 135x12 185x10 185x10 205x10 (definitely need to push the weights up substantially)
Cable seated row: 120x15 135x15 150x12 165x8
Hammer lat pulldown: 90x12 100x12 110x9 110x8
Straight arm pulldown: 100x15 110x15 120x12 120x12

Did some bicep pump work at end plus 30 minutes cardio.

I also ordered what I need for my next cycle this morning. Test/EQ blend 400mg, winstrol 50mg tabs and armidex. Not sure when I will start the cycle because I need to do bloodwork still. Almost just want to forego the bloodwork and just do it after this next cycle but I know that’s not wise lol.
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