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Approved Log My 2024 Testosterone Equipoise cycle Log

very proud of your progress
you are proving to everybody what consistency can do
The weights are good but I think you u could do a little more and start more progressive overload
Progressive overload on heavy days correct?
Maintaining the lighter high rep days as endurance and strength days correct?
Something like 235 bench set 1, 240 set 2, 245 set 3 with reps dropping obviously.

I think I understand the concept but not sure how to implement it, any links or articles I could follow?
Each week my weight increase and some of the reps do as well, often it’s an additional set for some exercises. I can increase the weight a little more but I think my reps will drop from 6-8 range down to 4-6, would that example still be effective?
So it’s kinda like mine on the heavy days and I’m more hypertrophic focused on my Thursday and Friday.
I bump weights on average 5lbs a week where I can if my body feels good. I think I need to bump weight more for heavy sets, then I will be overloaded each week for heavy, for higher rep days would weight need to increase or stay about the same?
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