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Cycle shoulder injury

you have a torn rotator cuff

i had the same thing happen

VERY common injury the way we overtrain our upper bodies and tear up the shoulders

want the truth? you have to rest my man. it cannot heal until you rest it. you can start training again in 2-3 months but LIGHT. you may never be able to lift heavy again or you risk a complete tear. i would NOT do militaries ever again. sorry but its the truth lol. you will live. also avoid inclines

also the exercises you are mentioning are something you need to work on. MOBILITY and FLEXIBILITY. when you weight train they lessen. this causes the frozen rubber band effect of breaking instead of bending. poor mobility was your problem in the first place. this is why i always recommend YOGA YOGA and more YOGA. if you weight train yoga is mandatory. pro athletes stretch DAILY since they were 4 years old. weight lifters do not stretch cause they think stretching is for wusses, i never see anyone stretching. hey i was one of those guys too. but if you want to stay healthy long term you NEED to be flexible and mobile. adding steroids and getting stronger makes the issue worse
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Have to agree with Steve above! You have a torn rotator cuff and the extent of the damage will not be known until you have an MRI done. I know all about this as I am currently working with a 50% rotator cuff tendon separation in my right shoulder. I have surgery scheduled for November, but it will definitely cost me some development, about 5 months till full release to the gym after surgery. Now I am not saying all rotator cuff tears need surgery, but until you talk to your doctor and try some physical therapy and possibly an injection of Cortisone you won't know.

Also stop lifting anything above the shoulders. When you lift above your shoulder the opening the muscle goes through is at its smallest and this is where the pinch normally starts.

Now just because my shoulder may be out of operation that doesn't mean I can't work out my legs with leg presses, curls, extensions and lots of other equipment. Also note that post recovery period you do have the advantage of muscle memory. With a little help you should be able to get back to where you were before surgery very quickly. I plan to run a little log post surgery for people that may need the same thing done.
Every time I start a new cycle and get 4-6 weeks in my strength iramps up and I develop severe shoulder pain in my left shoulder. Ive rad that it is tendons that get trapped under rotator cuff and develop a great amount of inflammation which sounds about accurate.
I cannot locate the pain by touch. It is deep within the shoulder.
Beginning to think it has nothing to do with a particular exercise I’m doing but more related to quick growth and strength gains…. Which trap those tendons.
Does this sound right?
Ultimately I’m looking for exercises I can do to “un trap” these tendons and set things straight in my shoulder.


Thoughts? Suggestions?

Complete and utter BS

It's quite clear in the article. It's an INFLAMED (swollen then) tendon.

Don't let it swell in the first place by not doing stuff to make it swell
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