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Shoulder pain how to fix

I personally would have a doctor look into the shoulder pain to determine what is causing the pain. You will most likely have to do some physical therapy and try 2 different types of over the counter pain meds, and get a cortisone shot. Now any of these processes could solve your issue, but if the cortisone takes away the pain the odds are the pain will be back, maybe a couple years down the road, but it will come back. Ultimately what you are looking to push the doctor to do is get an MRI of the shoulder if their initial X-ray does not actually point to a skeletal issue. In the MRI they can look at tendens and muscles for rips and tears. If the MRI shows a small tear then it may be able to heal on its own with rest and physical therapy. My rotator cuff tendon was torn over 50% and I had a small bicep tendon tear in the same area so surgery was the best option.

Ultimately without going to your doctor and trying to follow bro medical advice you are potentially going to have months of additional pain and gym set backs. All the bro PT and stuff does not count towards satisfying the insurance company that you have tried certain things prior to getting the expensive MRI.
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