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Shoulder Delt injury (left SHLder), kinda close to outer pec: what spot is this pls? Should I Refrain from even 90 pushups all at once, each day?

get a lot going for us how you did this
When you don't have your shoulders close to your body when doing movements, this is where there's no stability in the shoulder joint and injuries can happen. In fact, the arm blaster Boyer Coe and Arnie S. used to "model" back in the day, not only made the biceps work harder and bigger, but also avoided injuries. That's what happened. I lifted an almost 100 pound box and moved left, then moved right....the Space between the arms was spread out (not close to the body) that's how it happened.
no push ups nothing just rest upper body +LOG ASAP+
Thanks Vadim. Ok, it'll be tough, but I guess 2 weeks no pushups. I've been doing 100 pushups all at once per day like Taekwondo Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee friend to Bruce Lee, used to do all the time into his 70s age range. I've been doing this since 2012. It will be tough, but just right angle arm bent outwards and inwards. I have a whole physical therapy book on shoulder rehab that I will be doing very light band exercises to get the Blood into the tendons, ligaments, joints. These areas heal slowly because they do not get enough air (from what my my 80 year old chiropractor kept telling me in 1996. He'd do ESM electo Stimulation and deep tissue ultrasound therapy). I have a chiropractor appointment Tuesday. He also can pop the shoulder or re-set it into place, if that's the issue. I'm also making another physical therapy appointment. Log to follow. Thanks again.
these types of injuries are normal for weightlifters who aren't keeping up with their mobility and flexibility. also not warming up enough is a biggie

look at any sport and show up. whether its high school or pros. the athletes are there super early warming up and stretching before they even play. even guys who ride the bench do the whole routine. yet weight lifters are so macho that they just show up and automatically start throwing around heavy weights . no wonder we are all injured as we age.

very important to warm up before and stretch after. and mobility/yoga/stretching in between as much as possible
much hope you recover from this injury. i don't think its major
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