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Cardazol & Need2Slin Stack


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how can we tell you how to lose bodyfat if you havent posted your log journal think about it
generic answer is 2 caps n2slin and 3 caps cardazol it works for most but to get real answer post your LOG journal asap right now
Hi everyone, I apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong section.

I’m currently out of shape and have gained about 35 pounds in the past 3 years (Covid, new job, got married)

Im looking at dropping weight with clean diet and fasting. For exercise I will mainly be doing lots of cardio in the form of jogging and cycling (Peloton) mixed in with basic weight lifting with dumbbells I have at home.

Anyway, I ordered a bottle of Cardazol and Need2Slin from N2BM website. My question is, can I just take both of these how it recommends on the bottle or is there any particular way that works best when stacking these two supplements?

Thank you everyone.
None of those actually add weight
Thank you to the mostly informative replies. I have a good idea how I’m gonna use these supplements. I’m really hoping they give me a boost as I begin to take control of my health again.
Seriously consider posting a log and letting everyone guide and help you out. Plus it helps keep you accountable running a log.
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