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  1. D

    can I use cardazol with n2guard?

    I’m looking to pick up some bottles of n2guard and cardazol. Hopefully you guys can give me some knowledge On if these two supplements that get together and if it’s going to cause any type of interaction I’m 250 pounds and I’m looking to improve my health and I’m starting to go to the gym but I...
  2. G

    using cardazol for general boost?

    What do you think about using cardazol for a general boost? Basically I’m doing three times a week weight training but sometimes we’ll do a four-day split in the same week and I’m also doing cardio every other day what would you say about doing cardazol?
  3. Topps_Baseball88

    N2BM Care Package/TD

    N2BM/Banned Nutrition 🙌 As many of you know I am on a cut currently with my log on Elite Fitness. N2BM has been kind enough to aid my goals and help with my journey on my road to redemption. I just wanted to show my appreciation for N2BM as they didn't have to do any of this for me. They...
  4. N

    Cardazol & Need2Slin Stack

    Hi everyone, I apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong section. I’m currently out of shape and have gained about 35 pounds in the past 3 years (Covid, new job, got married) Im looking at dropping weight with clean diet and fasting. For exercise I will mainly be doing lots of...
  5. D

    cardazol and ostazol stacking

    I am gonna be using cardazol and ostazol I have room for 1 more supplements please give me 1 or 2 more options to add to this that won’t mess me up I want to get hyped up
  6. JimAbs43

    Cardazol Review

    Want to know how does cardazol works and its advantages ? Check out this article:
  7. F

    Cardazol vs. ostazol

    Are these products still good to use? I am currently running some OTC fat burner that i got at the gnc near my house should I stop using that and then switch over? or can I keep using it and then add both of those cardazol and ostazol with them? Trying to cut down.
  8. L

    Cardazol burns fat too?

    I have been on cardazol and on my 2nd bottle So far so good I am burning fat quickly Which is a surprise cuz I didn't expect this to happen is this normal to burn fat on it just trying to figure out if it has to do with more my diet and training or if the supplement is really that good
  9. S

    Need more ostazol info

    Everyone raves about cardazol, but never about ostazol Does this mean i shouldn’t even bother Ordering at or do you think that it's still a good supplement that I can use. Also what other supplements would I be able to stack with it for best results
  10. M

    cardazol pre or post?

    When is the best time to be using cardazol is it pre workout or post workout? I’m currently in the middle of a depression phase in my life and I need something to help push me through my workouts. Would really appreciate some tips and advice.
  11. T

    banned nutrition orders

    I ordered from banned nutrition a year ago and got my pack very quickly and was happy with their service. I want to make another order but this time was wondering how fast their shipping times were. I want to grab their ostazol and cardazol
  12. T

    Cardazol still a good supp?

    Has anyone tried using cardazol as their pre Workout and how much of it do you have to take beforehand. Was thinking about taking two scoops of it and then hitting the gym. Do you think taking it before I leave home with work? I am about 25 minutes away from the gym
  13. 2

    cardazol or ostazol debate?

    Which one of these banned nutrition products will work the best for me between cardazol and ostazol? My situation is this. I work on the road, so I might work out in the early morning or late. Most of my job is driving and I won’t get to workout until before or after in the hotel I am at. I...
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