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    Cardazol & Need2Slin Stack

    Hi everyone, I apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong section. I’m currently out of shape and have gained about 35 pounds in the past 3 years (Covid, new job, got married) Im looking at dropping weight with clean diet and fasting. For exercise I will mainly be doing lots of...
  2. U

    Cycle advice please

    I'd like to start a cycle. My goal is to gain lean muscle mass while burning fat at the same time. I'm 5'10'' and 170lbs at about 18% BF right now. I'm trying my best to follow a diet, but if you have any advice for a diet, like lunch examples, I'd take them too. My first idea was to run Test...
  3. R

    Tren A/Test P/Mast P

    Hi! I am going to do my first tren cycle and in order to prevent myself from doing something wrong, I would like to ask you veterans for some help and (hopefully) friendly advise. English is not my main language, but I hope I can make myself understood anyways. I am in my older 20s and have...
  4. J

    Steroid acne

    What do you guys use to combat steroid acne while on cycle, because my skin just cleared up after struggling to get it cleared up. I was on Minocycline to clear up acne. I am planing on running a cycle in a couple of weeks and was looking for advice on preventing acne while on cycle cause I hate...
  5. S

    Test E and Tren E cycle advice

    Hey everyone, 1st time posting on here. I've checked around the site for answers for stuff before but never posted. This will be my 2nd cycle. First one was about 5 years ago and was only Test Cyp. Anyways here's my stats: 33 years old, 6'1", 205 lbs, About 15-20% bf Here's what my cycle is...
  6. M

    First Cycle: Test E + Oral Dianabol + Aromasin

    Hi Guys, I have just joined and looking to start my first cycle soon. I am 37 and been working out hard for the last 3.5yrs and on/off for the 10yrs before that. I have a trainer and my diet is covered so just wondering how my cycle looks. Its a twelve week cycle including the PCT...
  7. H

    Newbie, what do I need ?

    Hey guys buffalo here, I'm just actually curious about steroids and I was looking into it for the past week. I've been weight training and lifting since last January and I want more results. I used to weigh back in Jan 2016 117 with a height of 5"6. Jan 2017 I'm proudly at 143 I'm at a healthy...
  8. N

    Need Advice/help *********

    Hey guys been a while since I last posted. Trying to plan next cycle. I'm currently 26y/o 180lbs 13%bf train 5-6 times a week. was looking for a lean gain/strength cycle. this will be my 6th cycle have exp. with Test p,e, eq, deca and tren a. also tried dbol and var. week 1-12: 100mg test p...
  9. P

    advice on taking clenbuterol. first time user

    hi, i' m 17 years of age, weighing 128.50KG, height 188 cms and im thinking of taking a low dosage cycle of clen. I've been going to the gym for roughly 16 month (first 4 months were improper workouts) and built some muscle. if i could have some advice about dosage and which forms are better...
  10. Pillar

    New Guy - Advice on Stacking Tren+Mast+Testoviron Depot

    Hey Guys, New guy (24) here who's been tracking the 'site for years and I can honestly say I've gained respect for quite a few of you gentlemen. I grew up in a household where everyone did Test. However where everyone had their obstinate beliefs (Like all orals are fake...), I kept my...
  11. F

    is my anavar real

    I bought anavar 15mg, from a source in my area and he swears to me that is legit. However, I know that REAL anavar is hard to come by and lots of the times you are not getting the real deal. So this makes me a bit curious as to if what i have is going to get me the results I've read anavar can...
  12. B

    Need some advice - Test e, Tren e, Dbol cycle

    So ive been training at the gym for about 15 years now and using anabolic steroids for about 8 years, on and off but in the last 12 months ive changed my diet and my lifestyle because i want to pack on some serious muscle and keep it this time. Ive been researching all the forums online for...
  13. B

    After some advice - Test, Tren, D-bol cycle

    So ive been training at the gym for about 15 years now and using anabolic steroids for about 8 years, on and off but in the last 12 months ive changed my diet and my lifestyle because i want to pack on some serious muscle and keep it this time. Ive been researching all the forums online for the...
  14. M

    First Cycle , HELP?

    Hi everyone , Im 20 years old , been lifting for 3 years now , Im 170lbs, 178cm. I want to take it to the next level. Ive been looking for first simple cycles for beginners but theres alot of suggestions so I got confused. Im hoping if someone can give me some suggetions to consider for my...
  15. R

    First cycle help

    What's up everyone been reading up on aas use for a long while. Knew I'd be using and finally gonna dive in. Just need some thoughts on how i plan to go about this and got a few questions. First off I'm 24m 5'10 180lbs 16%bf been lifting about 4 years, been taking it very serious this year...
  16. A

    Questions about TEST E

    26 5'11 195 Been working out for over 5 years. Few years ago i decided to try EP STANE for 6 weeks and used post cycle support by anabolic innovation. Had zero sides during cycle and pretty decent gains but once i started pct i developed an enlarged prostate. Well now im back at the felling of...
  17. A

    Dependance at 18, Advice needed!

    Stats: Age 18 Height 6'2 Starting Weight 218 Pounds (98kg) Starting Bf 14.2% (measured by dexa scan) Current weight 245 pounds (111kg) Most recent Bf measurement 9.6% (maybe 2 weeks ago) My very detailed story with questions at the end This is a no bullshit story and just remember not...
  18. B

    LGD S4 Osta and GW Cycle Help

    A friend of mine and I are 21 years old and looking to do our first cycle of any kind with SARMs. We have ordered LGD, S4, Osta, and GW. I know usually Osta GW and S4 are done together simultaneously for the Triple Stack Protocol, however we want to stack all four of the mentioned compounds...
  19. C

    Advice on Test E cycle

    Hi guys, First let me introduce my self. I am 25. I have been training a lot of CrossFit since the last 4 years. I trained clean until I was 24. I have low body fat. 177cm and 170lb. I have done two cycles of Test E 500/weekly for 12 weeks. My firs cycle was 14 months ago and my second...
  20. S

    Fourth Cycle Run-Through (Pharm Grade) ?

    long time viewer, first poster. First off all of you are awesome, fell free to tell me I am an idiot, or maybe I am starting to figure stuff out, anyway. I am 30yo, 16%bf 193lbs, Looking to place Mass, and lean as much as possible without compromising mass. Train 5X week run 10 miles week...
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