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Need advice. Heart transplant, now struggling with TRT?No energy

So I’m really needing some advice bc I’m getting so much conflicting info, and my endocrinologist is 80 yrs old and I have little faith in him.
So I’ll try to be brief, but it’s a long story. Basically I’ve been an electrician my whole life, I’ll be 45 in sept, and I had a heart attack when I was 42. I literally died on the table, yet I survived with a damaged heart that needed a transplant. Prior to that I was in good shape mainly do to the work I did, but I also started TRT when I found out my Test levels were zero. only 150-225mg Test E? ( I think )split in 2X IM weekly, also a shot of HCG 1xweek, and 25mg exemestane 1x 2-3 weeks. I never was that big, but I was very happy with the way I looked and the way I preformed physically, especially in bed as I was married 5 yrs prior. I weighed 190, 6’0, could do 20 pull ups, benched around 150, maybe more. I never tried to bulk up, and it was important that I stayed somewhat skinny, and was strong enough to work in the high rise buildings in nyc. I worked out 3Xweek plus 8 hrs daily doing extremely physical work.
After heart attack all TRT stopped, as well as all exercise except walking and light lifting. I had a tube permanently ran into my chest to my heart, connected to a heart pump, pumping milronone 24/7 into my heart. It prohibited me from doing most activities. I was also on a lot of other meds I can’t recall all of. I could not even find a pain management doctor, so I started using methadone so I’d have something when I left the hospital after the surgery, and that really lowers natural Test production.
After almost a year I got the call for the transplant, and rushed to the hospital. I woke up after a few days and was extremely disabled. My ribs were held together with a wire and I was given dozens of medications designed to destroy my immune system to prevent organ rejection. I was on incredibly high doses of prednisone ( 30x 5mg daily, maybe more) for 4-5 months, my face and body blew up like a balloon. tacrolimus which caused shakes and hair loss. Dozens more I can’t recall, but I need to be on a lot for life. I could barely move for a week, but they had me up and walking asap. I’ve had many setbacks and horrid reactions to medications over the past 10 months or so. ( Xplant was 9/7/23). My hormones were so out of whack, after about 2 months I could not even get an erection, even with cialis & viagra. I begged to resume TRT, and treatment for ADD, vyvanse. At the 4-5 month mark I got the OK from my transplant team. They told me the prednisone would clear my body in 2-3 weeks. When I met with my endocrinologist, he laughed and said closer to 2-3 months. He did some blood work and began treatment with Test C 300mg, but only one shot, SC in my lower back in the fat deposit that had never been there. After 5 weeks I’d guess, I felt ok for about 5-6 days, I could get an erection for 3 days then nothing. I felt like garbage the next two weeks. I continued to complain about the fatigue and ED symptoms which kept being blamed on the other medications.
I asked why he wouldn’t consider breaking up the larger 400mg dose into 2-3 doses at least once a week? I begged to try going back to IM shots, and adding in HCG like I’d had in the past, but he wouldn’t budge.
Finally about 3 months ago, he switched me to this Xyosted BS. It’s 800$/month without insurance, and is only 400mg Test Enanthate, 4 auto-injecting pens that each have 100mg designed to be used SC into stomach. I’m sure he got a large kickback, but thankfully my insurance paid for it then, and even the 100mg/week had me feeling much better than 400mg/ every 3weeks.
I still felt like HCG might help, even if to try to get my test production going again, it didn’t seem like there was anything to lose. No luck tho.
Now last month, I had to change insurance to Medicare/Medicaid and the first month I payed 550$ out of pocket for this garbage gimmick injector, BC it wasn’t covered. Rather than switch it to generic Testosterone E, the doc got this medication pre approved, so this month it should be covered. But I really don’t know. Either way, I can’t even fill it for another 10 days!
About 5 days ago, I met with my doctor, and explained I’m still struggling to counteract all these medications, and the dose isn’t enough. I’m never going to recover bc the prednisone destroyed my natural production, and this 100mg/week just isn’t doing anything. He gave me a shot of Test C 400mg , and even later that day I felt great. Maybe placebo, but I swear I felt it. I went to my cardiac rehab and had an incredible workout. But then the next 3 days I was so tired I couldn’t wake up for anything. Even taking amphetamine ADD medication at 1.5X normal dose, I just slept through it. I’m also waiting for an iron infusion as I’m told my levels are low and I had bad constipation with the pills combined with my other meds.
So now I’ve been feeling good for the past 2-3 days. But I’m so sick of being at the mercy of doctors and insurance companies, and I think I’m being mistreated.
I’m far enough along in my recovery that I can lift and exercise again, but I need to counteract all the meds that are purposely causing me to lose energy and immune system,and recovery’s. I even have to avoid the sun bc skin cancer is so prevalent w these medications. I’m noticing I’m looking a little bloated and can’t lose the layer of fat around my waist like love handles, and even my face is puffy. I need some muscle to help me keep motivated and stay positive. It seems like the only thing that helps keep me somewhat healthy.
I currently have 130$ and wanted to order something domestic so I do t wait 3 weeks. I was going to order from ( I think that’s the name).
1 vial 250mg Test E
5,000iu HCG vials.
.5mg armidex
And with shipping that’s it.
Then i did some further reading and was thinking about adding some Masteron to maybe lose some of this water retention, and increase libido a little. Not a big dose bc I don’t want to lose much hair.
I also have some Chinese companies from, that I talk to on WhatsApp who have a list of all these for close to 15$/vial. Does anyone have any experience with these type of vendors, and are they likely a scam or legit? I’ve ordered other RCs from similar vendors and had great experiences. Then some not so great, but the gear is more common IME, so I’d have more faith.
Or maybe someone can recommend another domestic vendor who is a sure thing? I was looking at gorilla king, but they have a 150$ min order… i might wait another day or so and order from them?
I’d love any advice, regarding legit vendors who aren’t too expensive.
And most importantly, I’m currently 6’0, 203lbs, and would love to lose some fat and strengthen up my core and whole body really.
Would adding HCG even have any benefit at this point? Would IM make any difference over SC?
Would test E be enough at 125mg/2Xweek? Or am I better off using substanon , Probably at similar doses ( I haven’t researched it yet).
Would adding Masteron help with cutting a little flab down, and help out my mood and libido? Or is it not even necessary right now?
Is adding armidex advisable since I already have very sore nipples sometimes, or should I wait on it if I’m using masteron?
I was thinking to use all together unless someone advises me not to.
Is exemestane better than armidex? Should I be using these after i lower my dose in about 6 weeks or start using one or the other concurrently?
I hope you guys can tell im desperate for some advice, and I’ve had a really tough past 3 years. I miss my career as an electrician, and was told I’d be able to return to it when I’m recovered, but my recovery is really going slow.
The little bit of added muscle strength gives me more energy to gain more muscle, and I pray someone can read this Novel and give me some advice, whether it’s a vendor recommendation, a stacking recommendation, or a PCT recommendation- although I think I might not ever recover my natural test production.
I’m not looking to gain 30 lbs of muscle here. Just shape up what I’ve got, and increase the mood, libido. I’ve recently doubled the number of push-ups I can do , but I still can only do 65. Pathetic, I know, but those chest muscles were the ones that were most damaged when they ripped my chest open and changed out my heart.
I’m grateful to be alive , but I’m begging for help returning to my old life …
Thanks in advance.
@Heartattacktransplant You are a warrior bro....the situation and pain you have survived is commendable....and the fact that you still trying to get better at life is the spirit people should have no matter what life throws at them........would love to see a log from you and help the best we can.....we are with you on this journey bro.....more power to you.......
Thanks so much for taking the time to read that novel, and that was me trying to be brief lol. As far as what caused the heart attack, I never got an answer, believe it or not. The doctors said probably genetic, but my family history isn’t that bad. My grandfather had a heart attack at around 60, but he ate a horrible fatty diet, lots of sausage and polish meats. Canned food, his whole life and smoked all day every day. But when he was young, he was offered the chance to play pro baseball, but grandma said nay. Then my mother also had a heart attack, but it was caused by abusing a diet med that was pulled from market bc of cardiac issues. Fen fen or something?
Doctors didn’t really want to spend time solving a mystery, their attitude was like we are here, doesn’t matter how we got here. Let’s concentrate on how to move forward.
And I think I had and still have some of the best cardiologists in NYC, maybe the country. I was sent to NYU from my original hospital bc they were the only transplant team that could /would help me.
I haven’t been keeping a very accurate log of my diet, it’s mainly been logging my medication and blood levels of medication, and for some reason i don’t think my endocrinologist has even shared my hormone/test bloodwork with me, I’ll be certain to get it, as I just had bloodwork done again.
My diet has been pretty shitty, and im looking forward toward addressing that too. Im on so many meds that destroy my appetite, and for some reason since my heart transplant food doesn’t taste as good. I used to love eating salmon, and other high protein foods that now make me sick, but I’ll choke it down.
My exercise has been slow to start bc my energy has just been gone. Could be depression, medication, low testosterone, anemia, other medical problems, sleep apnea, or combination of all.
Only recently since I got that 400mg shot of test on top of the measly 100mg of test I get weekly, have I really actually felt enough energy to even fathom returning to my old self. I’ve been so frightened until then that I’ll need to find a whole new career at 45 yrs old, and zero skills but the electrical trade, not to mention I loved being an electrician. So after having the energy to get a real workout in, I think it’s possible to make a full recovery. Like somebody posted below- it’s time I take responsibility for my body bc nobody else will.
Unfortunately, my wife thinks these doctors know everything and literally has thrown out my supplements bc they weren’t prescribed by the doctors. And the policy with the doctors is : “ we can’t condone the use of any supplements bc they aren’t FDA approved and we don’t know how they will react with other meds”.
I get their point, but at this point , I’m not even living, laying in bed sleeping 20 hrs a day is no life, and apparently I have to take a small risk to enjoy life again.
My planned use of PED is pretty tame, but I don’t think my test will ever be normal again, after 3 years TRT, of varying dosages test, nothing higher than 225/week, but the 5 months of insanely high doses prednisone really took a toll. My whole personality changed, and I couldn’t get an erection for months after stopping it. Does it sound like my natural test production might be salvageable, or do you need more info ? Regardless thanks and I’m starting my log today.
@Heartattackman hard to say here honestly we gotta see your log first in a new thread before we talk more bro
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