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this sucks bigtime...need some cheerfull words from u guys.

well...i gained so much muscle as a can do in 7 weeks when clean so....not that much really.
bought my gear from a known swedish site on the net that many people buy from.

and now when its all gone, i caint go back complain....ill just have to look for another source..
Most people that advocate to eat insane amounts of calories to gain muscle are usually mesomorphs with good genetics, so they don't really have to deal with the fat gain that most of us do. My "bulk" is at most 500 calories above maintenance. Anything more and I gain fat too quickly. Honestly, anything above 2,000 calories in a day will cause me to gain fat.
the_alcatraz said:
Always be Thankful dude.

But sometimes my bills really stress me As I pull into home driving my Denali to watch my 40" lcd tv in my $1500 lazy boy leather recliner.

ahh, too have my stressful problems is soo bad. :rolleyes: