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this sucks bigtime...need some cheerfull words from u guys.


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ok here it goes.
about 8 weeks ago i started my first cycle, upped the cals often, trained hard. since then i gained 20 pounds. in pure fat and water!!!

guess what, the fucking aas was fake!!!

since the begining ive gone up maybe 5-6 pounds in strength in most exersices, not all.
and offcourse the little gain in strength comes from eating 15-1800 cals over my daily intake.

and the only difference i see in my fysique is on my belly.
will start my pct tommorrow, just to be on the safe side, in a few weeks ill go take some bloodtest and se where im at.

fuck, this was my first "cycle". why is this happening to me.
i was looking forword to after 12 weeks, be 8 pounds or so heavier in pure muscle, and just being big and ripped in the gym.
ive eating so much food, bought so much food.
been u in the middle of the night womiting from the 100+ grams oliveoil i drank just to get those extra cals.

been saying no to parties, even thou i dont party much at all but some weekend i go out. but know i havent done anything in 13 weeks or so beacause ive been so disciplined.
have dedicated all my time to this, for what....FUCKO!!!

writing this beacause i just want to cheerfull words from u guys.
hope this doesnt happen to u. :worried:

no need in sweatin this thing. will not do you any good.

focus on your training \ diet. undo the damage

be careful next time. learn from this mistake.

know your source bro.
I've been there buddy, but if you were training hard and eating properly, you should not BE FAT, that is simply the result of poor nutrition habits.

I feel for you, especially because it was your 1st cycle. Don't let this experience have an effect on your perception of AAS, give it another shot and get JACKED!:)
********* get rid of the fat you put on, and start a new "real " cycle, and you will be happy

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that sucks bro. Ross is right about the diet too. Once u notice that u r putting on fat faster than anything else u need to drop back some calories.
i put on fat on my first cycle, eating everything in sight. 24 eggs/day. didn't look any bigger and then all of a sudden i look in the mirror week 7 and i'm like, O, where did that come from? are you stronger, like alot stronger?
Damn bro, thats a horrible story. Try get some references on your sources next time. And I mean real references, not "Billy said his shit is dope!"
like everyone else says, which is one of the most important parts of doing aas, and that's "KNOW YOUR SOURCE"...especially today, there are thousands of grams of fake shit floating around so in my opinion it's always to better to know who you're getting the shit from and then what you're getting...

but as stated by ross and a few others, your diet is the key to aas aiding you in achieving your goals...if you put on tons of fat then your diet was horrible and the aas really wouldn't have helped you out like you thought they would anyways...if your diet was clean and you ate they way you said you did, you would have probably put on 5lbs of hard/lean muscle just from the food itself...

also, next time you're up puking EVERY night, STOP taking what you're taking because it obviously isn't good, or atleast good for just be careful next time and do it right and you will be very happy with the results
marcu_s said:
been u in the middle of the night womiting from the 100+ grams oliveoil i drank just to get those extra cals.

Its important when your eating high cals to have certain things at certain times. Certainly drinking 100 grams of olive oil just to hit a daily # isnt smart. As 8and20 said when you notice yourself gaining more fat than muscle, something is wrong. Post up your diet and some stats in the diet forum and we'll go from there.