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this sucks bigtime...need some cheerfull words from u guys.

That really sucks bro. Just start a real cycle, no big deal, your not dead or anything. But this time get refferals and check out your scource real good.
get your bodyfat down to 10-13% again and just start over, GRADUALLY increase your calories as needed. No more 100 grams of olive oil either, 2-3T a day is enough.
Dude think of this as a positive thing. You haven't really done a cycle yet, which is always your best one. Take a step back, relax, get that diet laid out, get rid of the bodyfat you accumulated, get a good source and you'll be up and running it in no time!
galaxy said:
150,000 people died in a Tsunami a couple years ago. You werent one of them.

Always be Thankful dude.
layinback said:

no need in sweatin this thing. will not do you any good.

focus on your training \ diet. undo the damage

be careful next time. learn from this mistake.

know your source bro.

Solid advice.
I dont get it when I bulk ( over eat )naturally I gain some muscle just becuase strenght shoots up and the extra calories keeps you fron going catabolic.
You act like all you gained was 100% fat not even a few lbs of muscle