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Okay some quick info on myself,

I'm 22 years old and am currently 170 lbs, 5'7", 9% bf, and I have no idea what my body water is.

My training routine:
Monday ~ AM Chest PM Tri's/Bi's
Tuesday ~ AM Legs PM Abs
Wednesday ~ AM Back PM Light Cardio/Forearms
Thursday ~ Off (or light arms if I'm going to the bar later haha)
Friday ~ AM Chest PM Tri's/Bi's
Saturday ~ AM Legs PM Abs
Sunday ~ AM Back PM Light Cardio/Forearms

I have been lifting for around 5 years now and am reaching a barrier in my lifting and have been looking into using either katana, hella, or beast. I have been a natural bodybuilder since 08 and would like to stay as close to that line as I can.

I have no experience with products in this nature and would be very grateful for a suggested cycle to try from some of you pros of the industry.

I would like to reach about 180-185 pounds at around the same body fat by the summer.

If any additional information is needed pleas feel free to ask
:biggrin::biggrin:Thanks for any input!!!!:biggrin::biggrin:
I think most people will say to go with beast. You work out twice a day?
Yea, I really like isolation training and find I can get my best workout in if I focus solely one muscle group per session.

What would I need to go along with beast? I've been researching through the threads and saw unleashed was popular as well as HCGenerate but I wanted to make sure I was ordering stuff that would cater best to me and not someone else because of the differences in stats.

Sorry if this all sounds very self explanatory again I'm new :p
I would say hella. from what I have heard it is good for gaining about 15 lbs and keeping or dropping BF
what are u looking to use? steriods or ph's aka legal steriods ? lol ..answers could be different
So given my stats would something like this be fine?

beastdrol- 3caps ed weeks 1-4
HCGenerate-5 caps ed weeks 1-4
n2guard-7 caps ed weeks 1-4
Unleashed/post cycle weeks 5-8
forma-weeks 5-8

like was suggested for the other dude? Sorry trying to get things set up before I leave for vacation.
Very well set up. Beast is gnarley man, with the correct diet you could really blow up.
think i should start out with something more like helladrol before jumpin up to beast? and would the cycle be fine to run with hella if i were to replace beast
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