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Approved Log My TRT and Anavar Cycle Log

So I did try it today sublingual before the gym.

It took about 1 hour for me to fully feel like I could just keep pushing and have no fatigue whatsoever. I was working with weight that would usually be at the tip of my last set.

I had the feeling of wellness and focous and drive that I have not felt in a while. I pushed ro the very end. After the gym and still not my mind is super focused and I did not have an after gym crash like I sometimes have after a hard session.
i hope you don't use fake gear and ruin your entire cycle for nothing
the gear is here and looks as legit as I can tell. I have the swcond batch coming and I will compare. It is all I can do. I am not jist going to throw it in the garbage without an knowlage of it being fake. I uploaded all the pics and I could not imagine anyone going through this amout of work and detail for the moeny I paid. There is just no ROI on going through all that Hassel. It isn't not like it was a discount shop. The prices as the same as all the sites you reccomend.
you are best off just dumping the gear and ordering from an approved source IMO
No one knows it is fake. I jist looked at two of the sites reccomenrd on this thread and they look exactly the same as the one I used. Actually built with exactly the same software and formatted the same.

The site I used takes paypal and cc so they also allow me fraud protection and have been in full communication with paypal everytime I asked for an update to protect me from fraud with the amount of time shipping took. I don't know what else to say here. I am a pretty diligent person and have done a lot of research on formes before I jist went and ordered I dod not jist Google "buy steroids" and order from the first site that popped up.

Actually the guys below are well regarded on almost every forem I looked at and the first ones I ordered they point me towards you guys for cycle advice so I feel Ike they are pretty legit if they figured you guys were in the know.

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