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Approved Log My TRT Trenbolone Anavar Dbol cycle Log

Progress pic update.
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Took these pics this week. I weighed myself today and came in at 170.6lbs. May 5th I was 160lbs. So I’ve gained 11lbs in 2 months. One month left to go.

Today’s workout was shoulders and chest.

Shoulder chest day

  • Standing bb military press 105lbs up 10lbs
  • Standing behind the neck bb military press 105lbs up 10lbs
  • Seated machine flies 150lbs/dropset 100lbs
  • Cable shoulder raises 100lbs
  • Behind the back bb shrugs 275lbs/dropset 135lbs
  • Incline db flies 25lbs/dropset 5lbs
  • Db front raises 15lbs
  • Db lateral raises 5lbs reps of 15
  • Bent over db raises 5lbs reps of 15
  • Decline bench db flies 20lbs/dropset 5lbs
@Mk11kh Good work dude.......
Surgery from last year. Also I’m already eating like 240g of protein I think. I need to get home and check my macros. I’m barely having any carbs
@Mk11kh lets get your macros up more
updates us man :)
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