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Approved Log My TRT Trenbolone Anavar Dbol cycle Log

Leg day quads

  • Bb squat 255lbs up 30lbs
  • Goblet squats 85lbs up 5lbs
  • Cable hip thrust 170lbs
  • Adductor machine 210lbs up 10lbs
  • Seated isolation calve press 115lbs
  • Pendulum squat machine 55lbs
  • Incline leg press 340lbs up 70lbs
  • Abductor leverage machine 180lbs up 20lbs
  • Standing calves raises machine 410lbs up 50lbs
  • leg extensions 115lbs/dropset
  • Front squats using v squat machine 180lbs
  • Machine kickbacks 145lbs up 15lbs/dropset
  • Incline calve presses 270lbs
9 moves too many.
i don't see too many people working inner legs thats good
it make sure you are stretching as well after a workout like that
I'm proud of your progress keep it up
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