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Approved Log My cycle and training log

why don't you post your daily diet and we can tweak it from there
So your starting either 350mg test and might add more compounds later ? If I understand that correctly, I wouldn't do it that way, if your gonna run a cycle I'd run everything straight out of the gate, compounds have longer or shorter esters attached, your compounds will be peaking at different times and tossing your hormones all over the place, basically like riding a rollercoaster, I don't like adding things in mid cycle. I would just run everything from the start.
Noah is right.
why don't you post your daily diet and we can tweak it from there
I was having 2200kcal and I am thinking to bump to 2500 as I am also changing my training a little and will start cycle soon. I have 4 meals a day, the other depends, on my schedule, work and classes, but generally speaking:

200g of Chicken or red meat
120g Rice or 150g Sweet potato
120g of cauliflower

1,5 scoop protein (45g)
1 Banana

200g of Chicken or Red meat
150g Rice
120g of cauliflower
2 eggs

1,5 scoop protein
2 slices bread
60g cheese or cottage cheese
15g Peanut butter
40g bacon
100g Tuna
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