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Approved Log My TRT and Anavar Cycle Log


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I pretty much do 30 mins of HIT on the bike keeping my HR at 140-45.

I am not coming that into every workout wjen I am done and spent on calories so hopefully burning fat.

My diet had been good same stuff every day pretty much. I eat the ground turkey or chicken and that pack of rice with salsa and one of the shakes I put in pics above. I suplemt woth quest bars. It isnot the best probably but I am keeping calories under 1900 and about 200 grams of pritien. That's pretty much how it is gonna go. I have to a family dinner Tommaso at some Korean pork place but I will Walt light all say and eat reasonable at dinner still keeping it under 1900 but metrics will be a little off what my aim is.

Ia gonna keep this delish, but simple and prepared.

I am down 4lbs.
@Dpog77 would be good to see overall macros if you not going to share actual meal by meal play by play man :) so we can understand situation more
like we are lacking fiber info and omega 3 info
A++ updates
you sound like you are enjoying things which is great to see
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