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Approved Log My TRT and Anavar Cycle Log

@Dpog77 would be good to see overall macros if you not going to share actual meal by meal play by play man :) so we can understand situation more
like we are lacking fiber info and omega 3 info


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swiss chems is ran by tony huge
they are a scammer
no such thing as super cardarine
that is just marketing bs
you know your body and are noticing the results
no reason to change things
I think your diet can still be tweaked more
I would eliminate the protein bar and add some more veggies instead
So I received the Carnadine 3 days ago. Forst day it arrived in the afternoon so I only took 10mg. I felt a little something like elevated mood and a short window of elevated focous. No gym but a long walk. Yesterday I took the full 20mg am/pm and felt great. Elevated mood, focous...all the good but still yesterday was not a gym day.

So today 10mg am then gym. My workout was crazy, not super pumps but 0 fatigue. I could just keep pushing over and over again and then still finished with HIT cardio. After all of that I still don't feel the least bit tired. I am excited to see this with the 40mg of var. I have been keeping the diet super clean also and ma down 4lbs as of this morning
I’m a big fan of gw also
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