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Approved Log My Anavar Training and Diet Log - Female

Did not increase my dose. It is hard for me to really tell what I am taking due to the pills being so small. I was looking for 2.5mg when I ordered but couldn’t find them.

I am doing BB hip thrusts on Tuesdays.

I am open to a different training program. I can also do more reps with less weight if that would be better. Please advise. I’m not doing any cardio.

Not much has changed diet wise. Still eating on the ground turkey bowls/lettuce wraps. Greek yogurt/berries, eggs. Daves kill bread. Whey protein. Albacore tuna.
Are you using a pill cutter? They have a nice one on Amazon that has a dual blade system so it has a clean cut. Has a blade on both sides. I use it for myself and for my wifes anavar. Works really well.
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