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  1. NoleftnutLOL

    Approved Log NoLeftNut's First Cycle Log

    32/yo Male with history of testicular cancer and metastatic disease. Upon receiving chemo for a year (BEP X8) I turned into a twig. At my best, I weighed 199-202 with about 10-12% BF (Military 8 years). I am looking to get back at least some of that. Docs estimated that I lost somewhere around...
  2. W

    test/tren/mast recomp cycle log

    Hi everyone. this is my first post, but i've been a long time reader on this and other forums. i wanted to make this to get help and tips regarding my cycle and also motivate me and review my cycle. i will add pictures but keep them anonymous stats: 29 years 98-100 kg 12% fat 1 rm's: 240 kg...
  3. K

    sorry for the waffle, 1st cycle log

    my stats age:27 height: 5 9/10 weight: 96 bf: 16-18 last month (measuring it again on saturday) but should be 14-15 by now. have been training seriously for 5 ish years. diet is pretty good will clean it up to be spot on for the duration im just about to embark on my first cycle and cannot...
  4. C

    my element sarms gw - s4 12 week log

    Hey guys I'm I just got my 3 bottles of gw aswell as s4. I'm not sure if you can mention companies but I'll abbreviate it just in case "ES". It's a new company from what I see and haven't found much of anything on them and got a a killer deal. Anyways I have never ran any sarms before so this...
  5. depotgang

    Element SARMS Epitalon Log

    Hey everyone I volunteered to log Element SARMS epitalon so here we go. First I am 53 years old, 6' 220, 14% BF been training since 1980... for different sports... college football, skiing, marshal arts. I have been juicing since my mid 40's... lately I have been moving away from Tren and...
  6. J

    Cycle Log Test/Tren/Superdrol first pin today

    Hello! Id like to make a log and continue updating it a few times a week over the course of my cycle. Ill begin with my stats and planned cycle. Height: 6'3' Weight: 200lbs Bf%: 11% (estimate, see attached pic for better idea) Age: 25 Number of cycles in past: 3. Have been off for 1 year but...
  7. L

    Helladrol Cycle Log

    Hey everyone, figured I'd start my log of my Helladrol cycle now. I'm one week into it so far. Helladrol: 75/100/100/100/125/125 HCGenerate: 5 pills daily weeks 1-10 Forged Liver Support: 2 pills daily weeks 1-6 PCT: Forged PCT-haven't looked at dosing (but I do have it) Clomid: 25/25/25/25...
  8. F

    DNP log and results

    I thought I would start a log to document my experience with DNP. I've spend a lot of time looking at other logs and I find them to be helpful and a little entertaining ha ha. I'm running 250mg crystalline DNP x2 /day for approx. 10-14 days. A common occurrence I've seen in previous threads is...
  9. T

    LGD 4033 >hardgainer cycle log/advice ?

    Hey everyone. I'm submitting myself to science here, and recording the data for any hard gainers out there interested in a bulk. BG: I'm 26, 170pounds, 5'11" and have been lifting for almost 2 years. It's taken ages to put on weight, and walked around at 155 for most of my adult life. This is...
  10. W

    First time SARMs Triple Stack- Log

    Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at a log and my rat’s first sarms1 triple stack. My rat’s goal will be to train at least 5 days a week. Rat’s stats: 6’5” 205lbs 24 y.o 13-15% BF This will be the rat’s cycle plan: 1-8 Ostarine 25mg ed 1-8 S4 50mg ed 1-12 GW-501516...
  11. B

    Ostarine only cycle (complete 30 day log and review)

    So today I finish up my short 30 day ostarine trial. This was my first time using any PED. I have included my daily log (which honestly mostly isn’t very interesting) and my conclusion and results at the bottom. How I dosed it (in days): 1-8 ostarine 15mg 9-16 ostarine 18mg 17-18 ostarine 21mg...
  12. J

    1/18 EC+GW Log!

    Due to real life issues I had put on all the weight I had once lost from strict dieting/weight training. @4/1/2012 Ht: 5’9” Wt: 315 BF: ? @9/1/2012 Ht: 5’9” Wt: 235 BF: ? @1/18/2014 Ht: 5’9” Wt: 304 BF: ? Going to run(8 weeks on): 20mg - GW-501516 25mg - Ephedrine + 200mg Caffeine twice a...
  13. R

    GW50 Log: For the Fat Loss

    Strong first post to content ratio right? I'm going to be receiving two bottles of sarms1 GW50 in the mail whenever my mailboymanthing gets here. I will be testing my rats with this over the course of two months. The primary goal for its use will be testing its fat loss capabilities at the...
  14. N

    My ANAVAR only cycle LOG...detailed

    Yo whatup boys and girls. I love this forum and its helped me out heaps with both AAS and nonAAS related topics. So I thought I’d make a log of my FIRST cycle ever. ANAVAR. Yes I understand that an anavar only cycle is not the best first cycle but theres a few reasons as to why I didn’t...
  15. T

    drol/sust/tren/eq cycle log

    To lazy to make an account so I'm taking over my gym partner's account for the next few months. Anyways, just basically stoked on my cycle and wondering if anyone else has experienced great gains with such an intimidating cycle. {weeks 1-4or5} Anadrol 75mg ED {weeks 2-10} Sust 250mg twice...
  16. Fitmommy1114

    Womens Epi strong log

    This will be my first official epi strong log. I will be running it at 5 mg for 6 weeks but might bump up the dosage if I see I platue. I will be taking bridge as my pct I'm 5 feet tall 0 inches 110 pounds 13.79 % body fat according to a dunk test. I'm training 4-5 times a week I have...
  17. Fitmommy1114

    Epi strong question and future log :-)

    As some of you know I plan on doing an epi strong cycle. But I need to get my birth control shot (working on being able to get my copper iud). My issue with this is I don't know whether or not to start my cycle until I get the shot. I have everything ready to go to start it but my shot :-(...
  18. T

    Leangains Log

  19. A

    First Test and Var Cycle Log

    Going on my first test + var cycle. On this cycle I will be taking 2ml Test E per week and this is how my cycle currently looks: Weeks 1-6: 2ml test e per week
 Weeks 7-8: 2ml test e per week with 50mg var each day Week 9: 1.5ml test with 50mg var each day Week 10: 1ml test with 50mg var each...
  20. kravmaga02

    ostarine /s-4 stack log

    I figured I would log my results with this stack so here it is. I just started a few days ago so I've yet to see any crazy results but I have noticed a few things. My stats: height: 6 weight: 220 lbs % bf: ? between 12-15 not really sure I don't have calipers I my goal here is to...
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