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Approved Log My Anavar Training and Diet Log - Female

Do you have anybody to take pictures?
That would be helpful so we can get a good back shot
maybe ask someone at the gym to get a picture of you
obviously you know they're not just some random stranger LOL
Started 2.5 this morning.
Will be taking dose at 0630 and 1830 daily.
I do want to increase this dose and also decrease this dose. I might not get as much out of this cycle because of that but it is what it is. Here is what I’m thinking if everything is feeling good:

Week 1: 29th - 3th - 2.5 am & 2.5 pm
Week 2: 4th - 10th - 5 am & 5 pm
Week 3: 11th - 17th - 5 am & 5 pm
Week 4: 18th - 24th - 5 am & 5 pm
Week 5: 25th - 1st - 5 am & 5 pm
Week 6: 2nd - 8th - 5 am & 5 pm
Week 7: 9th - 15th - 2.5 am & 2.5 pm
Week 8: 16th - 22nd - 2.5 am & 2.5 pm tapering down to 2.5 am only the last few days.

Diet is clean, still eating in a deficit, I wanted to do this cycle because I wanted to cut, but also gain muscle. This morning 124.7lbs.

Taking Alaskan fish oil and Nac.
Looking great!!! Back has good development. Food looks good too. You don't have to taper it down. Just make sure you are good on 5mg/day then raise to 10mg/day and stay there until you wanna come off.
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