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Sorry guys I’ll start posting more food pics. I’m usually too hungry and just eat it and not used to taking food pics so it doesn’t hit me to do it. Last night I had pulled pork with jalapeño on sour dough and a big salad. Garden greens( Beets. Goat cheese. Walnuts and balsamic

Snack before bed I had some Greek yogurt and cottage cheese with berries mixed it.

Workout today

Started out with some mobility stuff.. Nothing crazy just loosening up and making sure nothing too tight. Hip and ankle mobility, some t spine rotations and lateral squats. Today is usually just mobility today but the 19 year old in me wants to do a little aesthetics too lol

Flat bench
8 x 145
8 x 145
8 x 145

Iso-lateral incline press
6x 45
6 x 45
6 x 90
6x 90

ISO-lateral shoulder press
10 x 45
10 x 45
10 x 45

Shoulder lateral raise (its a machine with handles like you’re holding dumbbells vs the usual one that rests on side of your arms )

8 x 105
8 x 105
8x 105

Tricep push downs with rope
10 x 80
10 x 95
10 x 105
Superset with cable curls
10x 80

I’ve got hockey tonight for an hour so that’ll be another workout.

*** I know some of my weights are low and I’m not progressing throughout the workout but I am just coming out of a bit of a funk so my main focus is being here and getting my muscles used to being used again vs trying to be a hero and getting hurt***
great workout
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