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Approved Log Rebuilding my body • Anavar cycle

respected how you came at this

lets see you update and you look pretty lean
Hey everyone, I really do appreciate the messages so my apologies if it doesn't seem that way. What I put down for my diet wasn't comprehensive. And, my approach to nutrition is controversial. When I was carnivore/keto It helped me but not nearly as much as when I began including more sugars and quality carbs. I ascribe to a more bioenergetic/pro-metabolic food intake. We have a small ranch and raise our animals for food and grow some as well. I have quality grass fed/finished fatty meat, a lot of quality fats, and good carbs/starches and the other stuff that you don't like. But, it has really helped me get better. Biochemistry and nutrition is very interesting. In high pain/stress sweetness really brings down stress hormones. My autoimmune condition is going into remission through my dietary choices and more. So much good is happening everyone.

I just posted a picture and as you can see I'm very far off from being in great shape. But, please keep in mind I was going through a major disability for the last 2.5 years and just started getting better 3mos or so ago. I just started training again two months ago.

My reason for wanting to take Anavar/Oxandrolone isn't solely for building muscle. The AAS has been shown to help with individuals who have damage corticosteroid access (me), autoimmune conditions (me), and for skin regeneration which is what I need after battling iatrogenic corticosteroid induced skin-disease. The fact that it'll help me rebuild muscle from muscle-wasting is a huge perk as well.
gotta start somewhere...I have a log and if you look at my start pic you would laugh
@elhu87 picture is good you're fairly lean actually maybe not even 20% bodyfat but you do have gynecomastia from the look of it

I would like to see you update your diet and training more for us daily as you go, even if it's sugar as long as it works for you I respect that.
Unfortunately, I do have it. "Zone 1 gynecomastia with puffy nipples," straight from the surgeon to be exact. It got very bad during my 2yr withdrawal from topical corticosteroids (not anabolic). My HPA-Axis was severely depressed and the Gonadal and Thyroidal axis' took a huge hit. I also stupidly did steroids in my late teens and that definitely messed up my hormones and caused some gyno. Will look into surgery next year if need be.

I'll definitely update you and the rest on my diet and training as I go forward. Thanks again!
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