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Approved Log Rebuilding my body • Anavar cycle

Unfortunately, I do have it. "Zone 1 gynecomastia with puffy nipples," straight from the surgeon to be exact. It got very bad during my 2yr withdrawal from topical corticosteroids (not anabolic). My HPA-Axis was severely depressed and the Gonadal and Thyroidal axis' took a huge hit. I also stupidly did steroids in my late teens and that definitely messed up my hormones and caused some gyno. Will look into surgery next year if need be.

I'll definitely update you and the rest on my diet and training as I go forward. Thanks again!
@elhu87 we are waiting for your updates on diet training

and the gynecomastia, you need to start nolvadex 20mgs ed to take care of it
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