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Approved Log Rebuilding my body • Anavar cycle

That's exactly what I have on the way; Beligas, Anavar-Lite from D-S. I'm excited yet still skeptical on whether or not it'll be pure as it seems to be the most widely faked AAS according to everyone and influencers like More Plates More Dates, Vigorous Steve, and etc. I hear Anavar can still test positive/authentic even if it has other things in it like winstrol - just as long as it can pop positive for a little bit of Anavar. This is all "I've heard" and it may not be accurate - just processing out loud. I tried to get a script for pharmaceutical grade but wasn't able to. Still trying.
@elhu87 anavar from is high quality, I've seen roidtests from regular users on Beligas it's on the money
you shouldnt eat sugar if you have thyroid problems
can we see you share a face blurred picture please?
No matter how much anavar you use, your diet is the key to getting your health back in order, and your diet off hand seems like a full on mess. We will help you clean it up. Start by cutting sugars and adding healthy fats.
i have to see your picture to see what we are dealing with here honestly
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