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Please critique diet plan (fat loss/recomp)


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First off I just wanted to say Hi to everyone and introduce myself a bit. Im a new member to this forum and this will be my 1st post. Looking forward to learning from the more knowledgeable members here and offering some advice to anyone I can as well.

I am an experienced lifter with years of training under my belt. I competed 3 years ago at 33 years old in mens physique and placed 5th in my first competition.

Shortly after the competition life threw a few curveballs at me and I've been navigating some unexpected hurdles in my personal life that have caused me to lose my momentum . Between working 12hr days in the film business, suddenly becoming a single full time dad to my two young boys, and maintaining personal and professional relationships it's taken some time find a way to manage everything and still leave time to train and eat properly. I've got myself in a good routine now and want to dial things in a bit more and start working towards possibly competing again in the next 12-18 months.

My current goal is primarily to shed fat and recomp my physique leading into spring/summer. I chose the foods in this diet with the idea that I'm not going to force myself to eat anything that I dont want to. When I designed this diet my focus was on being in a calorie deficit, ensuring I get enough protein, keeping my carbs mod-low and making sure I get plenty of healthy fats. I wanted this to be a diet, but I did not want it to feel like one. This is designed to be something I can maintain in the long term and make small subtle tweaks to when needed. This is not meant to be a competition prep diet, only something that will work to help me lean out, maintain my muscle mass and more importantly my sanity while doing so.

Current stats:
Approx. 20% bf
35 years old

- 200g B.S. Chicken thigh
- 200g white rice

- 1 scoop whey
- medium banana
- 20g natural peanut butter

- 100g whole wheat pasta
- 170g extra lean ground Turkey
- 1/2 cup classic pasta sauce

- 200g sirloin steak
- Veggies for Greek salad
- 30g Feta
- 20ml EVOO
- 2tblsp white wine vinegar

- 1/2cup 2% cottage cheese
- 20g raw almonds

2250 calries
211g Protein
172g Carbs
84g Fat


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I like meal 4.

why is someone trying to lose weight who is 20% body fat eating 5 meals again? i'm lost on that

counting macros and calories is not how you lose weight/fat permanently. short term yes maybe. but def not long term

eat meals like meal 4 (maybe without the feta cheese depending on where you sourced it) but eat in a 2-6 hour window and do alternate day fasting. so one day 2 meals a day in a 6 hour window for example, then the next day have 0-1 meals a day. the reason isn't because you are eating less calories, the reason is because when you go long periods without food and fast your metabolic rate does not drop
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