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masteron, test and tren ready for it

this is a very Advanced stack make sure you're really ready for it. if so para pharma has you covered from ugfreak!
i would do them 300mgs each per week total
a lot of sources actually have that blend already made for you so it's easy to take
My dream is to compete in the next two or three years
I’m 26 years old I’m five foot ten 186 pounds and 10% body fat
people say I definitely have the genetics and the physique to compete one day
I’m ready for a big cycle of masteron, testosterone and trenbolone.
I want to run 3 different steroids because I know they are good for recomp
my plan is 50mgs of each EOD and for 8 weeks. I’m gonna go with mast prop, test prop and tren ace.
Anyone try a stack like this before and how were you results?
To young for tren
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