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Nolvadex depression and anxiety


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You are all probably going to think I'm stupid but I'll explain a little bit about myself, I have had gyno in the past from steroids so I should never have probably done them again as I am not a major bodybuilder. I ended up having surgery to get rid of the gyno. Recent I took 1 days worth of winstrol at 50mg and straight away I got itchy nips (I know winstrol is not meant to cause gyno). I got that paranoid about it I came off it straight away and took a week and a halfs worth of tamoxifen at 20mg, some days 40mg. This has completely ruined my mental health and made me depressed. I am a normal guy and have a lot going for me but it's completely made my mood go low and even consider suicide. I'd appreciate any advice anyone can give as I have seen my doctor and he prescribed antidepressants but I cannot deal with the side effects from these. And I'm wondering if this depression will pass as it is 4 weeks ago I last took tamoxifen?
nolvadex can cause depression. google it..

my advice is stop fucking with hormones man. they are NOT for you and you do not have the maturity or mental makeup right now to use them. no offense at all.

the nolvadex is out of your system so now it is all in your head. you are making yourself go crazy
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