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Approved Log Slyder 24 bulk cycle log

you've got to update us on your leg workout share some secrets
Thanks like always to all, for their words of inspiration!!
Secrets? I have none. Calf’s I have those. Thighs I have none?
With that said the out come of my legs is my own fault. I did not do legs for many years. I have just started a few weeks ago. I have decided to make Sundays my leg day. The rest of the week I rotate my lift schedule. But I have to be strict on legs or I won’t do them.
Knee surgery in 1984 had made me scared of the knee. That made me loose my courage with legs. So I lost all thigh size.
For some reason I have always had good calf’s. I will say I have started something new.
On calf’s do your toes at three different positions. Straight ahead like normal. Then like a ballerina point toes in then point toes out. Kind of like biceps. When you rotate the hand or foot. You hit that muscle different.
Vascular is just body fat. The lower body fat u have the more u see veins. Getting lean and having veins is easy for me. Building muscle is hard for me. Big guys always ask me how do you get so lean and vascular? I reply. How do u get big muscles? Hahahaha. We always want what someone else has.
I am trying to get bigger thighs. I am scared cause the days af long shorts are changing. I have noticed the style of today. Shorts are getting shorter. Yes I try to stay up with fashion. I have two daughters. They won’t let me slip into old man fashion! Thank good they are beautiful and keep me up to date.
are you going more heavy on the calves or doing High Reps
Not sure how to answer exactly. I would say both. I like the seated calf raise better. But I usually do standing also. When doing leg press I also hit them like a super set if it is a machine and not free weights.
Example is on seated calf.
4or 5 sets
1 plate 30 or 40 reps
2 sets 2 plates 20-30 reps
3 plates burn out

I try to go deep and the pause at top, when weight will allow it. The heavier weight not as much.
One thing I see that I think is a mistake is when guys go too heavy the range of motion get short. That is fine but you need to also do full range work also. With that said I will do the same thing on purpose toward the end. Get that heavy weight. Get the muscle fully activated. Then work it and keep tension on the muscle as a burn out, flex it the whole time.
Abduction, addiction 4x12


Leg press machine triple set

Wide high feet 4x12

Narrow center feet 4x12

Calf raise 4x12


Leg curls 4x12 90,110,120,130

Leg extensions 4x12 90,110,130,150

Dead lift

1x10 -135

2x8 - 225

1x3 -315

Finisher- leg press with seated calf raises.

Press 5x10 2,4,5,6,7 plates

Calf 4x30 2 plates
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