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    Is 250mg Sus + 100mg Test Cypionate + 300mg NPP+Deca per week for 10 weeks a good 1st Cycle? If so any advice on PCT and when to start and duration?

    Hey Guys N Gals, Is 250mg Sustanon + 100mg Test Cypionate + 300mg NPP+Deca per week for 10 weeks a good 1st Cycle? My plan is to pin 2x per week but my weekly totals would be 350mg test (5 different esters with sus and Cypionate) & then 300mg NPP+Deca (which from my understanding is a short...
  2. V

    Gonadorelin for pct planning

    I’m planning on trying gonadorelin in my pct post a test and primo cycle I am doing. Looking to get the benefits of improved libido and the anti-catabolic effects that it can give you I’m looking to do around a hundred micrograms per day and then run it alongside clomid or nolvadex. Has anyone...
  3. B

    adding hcgenerate to pct

    I need some information on how to add hcgenerate to my pct I just came off a 12-week cycle. I was running equipoise and a couple different orals along with my trt dose of testosterone, just a simple cycle, how much do I need to run per day? Looking to recover smoothly.
  4. F

    Training changes during pct?

    Was reading online how you should change your training during post Cycle Therapy and had a pretty interesting discussion with some people seems to be the common theme that you should ease off on weight training while you are in pct because your body is trying to recover and you don't want to...
  5. H

    Tren - Test advice

    1st cycle with tren.. Thinking 8 week cycle My plan was, Week 1-8: 300mg test-e 200mg tren-e .25mg Caber (every 3 days) Week 9-10: Clomid Novadex HCG Week 9-12: Clomid Novadex Does this seem right? And what are the pct dosages?
  6. A

    RAD140 10mg 8w or RAD140 10mg + 5mg LGD (and PCT options afterwards)

    Hi! This is my second cycle (before I went 8 weeks on Ostarine 20mg a while ago to recomp). I have been on rad140 10mg a day for 2 weeks now and planning to make a 8w cycle. What are your suggestions regarding pct and dosage? I have to admit I lack knowledge about pcts, some say Nolvadex is...
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    Required supplements in pct

    I am gearing up for a post-cycle therapy after a 15 week cycle I did my cycle consisted of testosterone cypionate and equipoise 400mgs of each I also ran an oral steroid to start the cycle off but I don't think it's going to affect my postcycle therapy but I could be wrong with supplements do...
  8. L

    T booster for pct?

    do you think that a testosterone booster is really necessary during post Cycle Therapy or is it just a gimmick to try to sell you supplement if it's necessary can you suggest me a good one that isn't too expensive maybe under $60
  9. R

    PSL makes things so easy!

    Their website is so easy over at PSL Just want to give them credit for that They have literally everything you could possibly need. I was able to buy not only things for my cycle but also things i needed during and after for pct too. Great source!
  10. M

    cruising on more steroids

    currently doing the blast and cruise thing don’t have time to pct nor do I want to I’m 26 years old 6’1’’ 155 pounds been cruising on 200mgs a week test for a year now I want to add something else to blast what do you recommend I add?
  11. M

    test boosters in pct worth it?

    What is the reasoning for using a testosterone booster while in post cycle therapy? I thought the drugs we use for pct were supposed to recover our hormones on their own is a test booster just a way for supp companies to make money or are they worth it?
  12. D

    Mandatory to use n2generate in pct?

    I read some post on here that were saying that it's required and mandatory during post Cycle Therapy to run n2generate because it does a lot of good things and helps you recover and all that.. Can you give me the science behind that and do you have blood work to back any of this up
  13. S

    20 week cycle recovery

    I ran a longcycle which I now kind of regret It wastestosterone 300mg a week along with equipoise EQ for 500mg a week I did 250mgs ofthe EQ the first 10 weeks then upped it to the full dose now I am worriedabout recovery. Any tips you can give me going into PCT?
  14. Y

    Running a pct with sarms?

    I was at the gym working out and some guy came up to me an offer to sell me some sarms. I followed him into the locker room and he opened up his locker and he had a bunch of them in there. I told him I want the strongest stuff so you can send me something called S23. I said do I need a post...
  15. F

    PCT help after sarms

    34 years old 165 lb 12% body fat my next cycle is going to be lgd-4033 and I plan on using it 10 mg a day for 8 weeks. What are your thoughts on running a post Cycle Therapy after and is that really necessary on such a small conservative cycle. Would I be able to run 5 mg a day and avoid a PCP...
  16. D

    Where to get nolva?

    I’m 41 years old Been Lifting for the past 6 years and the last year has been really serious and I really got a lot of improvements I'm going to use a steroid cycle and my goal is to gain as much muscle as I can in 12 weeks I’m going to get Testosterone, Trenbolone, and Anavar stacked My...
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    Is vitamin E a good option and PCT

    a lot of guys are saying that vitamins aren't that important but I saw a study that showed that vitamin E was one of the only things that help for fertility. Wouldn't this mean that it would be a great option for post Cycle Therapy coming off a steroid cycle or even a sarm cycle. Have any of...
  18. L

    quitting steroids after 1 cycle?

    I was having this debate with a buddy of mine and he was saying how you can run 1 cycle of steroids and then just quit cold turkey with no PCT and no nothing and everything would go back to normal. Neither one of us have used steroids so I am curious to hear what your opinions are on what he...
  19. S

    New to sarms interested in yk11

    I've heard a lot of good things about yk11 and how it can make your body grow more muscle by allowing The receptors to open up a lot. I'm not really sure if that's the science but that's what people tell me at the gym. I'm interested in trying it out but they also say it can shut you down. I...
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    PCT required for sarms?

    Hey I'm new to the sarms world but a veteran of steroid use, I've always ran a PCT with my steroids and have recovered very well. I'm now in my forties and my testosterone levels are still in the 600 so I'm pretty proud of that. With sarms is it necessary to run a strong PCT, I don't want to...
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