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    Finishing up my test prop cycle

    I'm about to finish up my testosterone prop cycle and i had a question on pct Should i stick to clomid or should i also stack in nolvadex and hcg? also when it comes to planting my next cycle if I want to do something without testosterone what would you suggest I do? it would be my second cycle...
  2. R

    Need some tips before i start sarms

    I’m 28 5’7’’ 145 pounds Looking to add lean muscle mass. I would be happy with 10 pounds but 5 pounds is good enough! Here is the cycle i am putting together. Need your feedback on what you think Nutrobal mk677 25mgs EOD Ostarine mk2866 50mgs EOD Lgd4033 25mgs a day Pct: Clomid 25mgs 4 weeks...
  3. B

    Time for anavar!

    I'm really interested in trying anavar for the first time looking for the ultimate source that sells the legit's. I've ordered it before and had crazy high appetite on it and I suspect that it was not anavar i was using. Don’t want to make the same mistake I'm going to be aiming for 8 weeks at...
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    Simple GW and ostarine run

    Very experienced with anabolic steroids and have been training for over a decade. my favorite steroids are testosterone and deca 217 lb 5 ft 11 in and 13% body fat. I'm 44 years old I'm looking to try something new and do a cycle that is more natural that is why I'm looking at sarms for the...
  5. C

    Using nolvadex with sarms as my test base?

    Would it be dumb to use an nolvadex on cycle as my testosterone base? I'm going to be running lgd 4033 and mk677 nutrobal together. I'm doing 20 mg a day of the lgd and then around 50 mg a day of the MK Then using around 20-40mgs a day of the nolvadex Would this help or make my gains worse on...
  6. D

    Post sarms options

    I’m gonna be using s23 and rad140 on cycle. 10-20mgs of each per week for 8 weeks I know i need a good pct for this I’m 26 years old and 220 pounds with 20% body fat My pct was looking like this: Nolvadex 20, clomid 50. 4 weeks. Then bridging with mk2866 ostarine and gw cardarine. Half dose...
  7. L

    I’m confident in this proviron cycle

    Always wanted to try proviron This is my chance now I’m 48 years old and want to cut down more. My body fat is about 16-18% I also would like to run trenbolone and testosterone with it My setup is like this: Proviron 50-100mgs a day Tren ace 50mgs EOD Test prop 50mgs ED My pct will be nolvadex...
  8. S

    Using steroids and pct setup

    Here is my cycle setup, let me know what you think please I’m 6’ tall and 194 pounds. Goal is to get to 210 area. I’m 26 My cycle will be: Testosterone cypionate 200-500mgs per week, start low and raise it Equipoise 300mgs per week Dbol 20mgs a day Pct: Nolvadex Hcg aromasin
  9. A

    Using Arimidex w/ Nolva

    Hey all! New here, but not to AAS. I have never had issues with Gyno in 20 years of using AAS. However, recent Tren and Finasteride use has given me a HUGE flare up in a matter of weeks and got a pretty good size lump on one size. I started Arimidex .5 EOD and 20mg of Tamoxifen ED. The goal...
  10. J

    napsgear nolvadex?

    Hey does napsgear sell good quality nolvadex or no? I’m needing to grab some for my cycle of anadrol and testosterone. I don’t want to get any issues on cycle. And then I want to use some during my post cycle too. I’m running my first cycle and want to get my ducks in a row
  11. P

    losing libido on cycle

    I'm 24 years old and this is my first time using steroids. I had a friend help me with my cycle and he put me on 800mg a week of testosterone with 40mg a day of winstrol things were going good then on week 3 my libido started to drop. i have a hard time getting into the mood. I am reading up...
  12. S

    Question about upcoming cycle

    going to try a 12-week cycle I’m 5’10’’ 15% body fat, 30 years old Testosterone enanthate 800mg a week Equipoise boldenone 500mg a week 5 weeks dianbol dbol 50mg a day I have adex and nolvadex on hand let me know what you think
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    Need some gynecomastia help

    I have gynecomastia and I got it from running a testosterone cycle without running an anti estrogen. I know what I did wrong after doing research and should not have listened to a buddy of mine I read that nolvadex is supposed to be really good for gyno. How much of it do I need to use and how...
  14. D

    Where to get nolva?

    I’m 41 years old Been Lifting for the past 6 years and the last year has been really serious and I really got a lot of improvements I'm going to use a steroid cycle and my goal is to gain as much muscle as I can in 12 weeks I’m going to get Testosterone, Trenbolone, and Anavar stacked My...
  15. R

    Napsgear anadrol cycle

    I am going to run a napsgear Anadrol cycle and wanted to get your input on if this is a good plan I am going to do 50mgs a day of anadrol 20mgs a day nolvadex Support supplements needed? going to go 8 weeks on this and my goals are to gain a lot of size and Mass. I'm 30 years old and this...
  16. C

    PCT after sarms

    I did a small rad-140 cycle and my testosterone is suppressed. The weird thing is is LH and FSH actually went up but my test levels are still a bit low. is it necessary for me now to run nolvadex to stimulate those hormones even though they're up high. Also when I got blood work done before...
  17. J

    Clebuterol and nolvadex for dieting down

    Hey ladies, have any of you tried stacking 10 mg of nolvadex every 2 or 3 days along with clenbuterol at 40 micrograms? I heard this stack is very good for drying out and also for suppressing appetite from a girl at the gym who was giving me some tips. She is really lean 110 lb and I'm 170 lb I...
  18. W

    Blood work help after cycle

    my stats are 29 years old, 165, 5’7 I got off a cycle 3 months ago which was testosterone, Deca durabolin, and anavar/oxandrolone. I ran a PCT of nolvadex, Clomid, and HCG. I also ran aromasin on end during PCT. I went and got my blood work done and my LH is at 0 and my FSH is at .5. I'm...
  19. A

    Using nolvadex as a female

    I've heard that nolvadex can be use for females to boost testosterone levels and to help balance estrogen. I know guys use it for these reasons especially after they are steroid cycles. Not looking to use steroids but what if I was to use a small dose of this stuff for 4 weeks what kind of...
  20. G

    sarm pct with nolvadex only?

    I read some guys using nolvadex tamoxifen only after pct for their sarms cycle, and other guys say you should also use clomid and stack them together. I also read a good sarms pct is GW cardarine + herbals. Which one do you think is best and why? Open to all suggestions here.
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