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Napsgear AAS Diaries From Napsgear - I started a 6 week cycle-22.05.2024

Richard Brown

Richard Brown
Napsgear Rep

Checkout this AAS Diaries from Napsgear:

By Kobra5404

AAS Diaries Description:

At the age of 23 I used steroids for the first time and got a super muscular body. I started at 55kg and after 3 years of exercise and steroid use I reached a chiseled 90kg.
I haven`t trained for 25 years due to insufficient time, family, and work.
Now, at the age of 48, I am completely out of shape and can hardly run for 1 minute. My legs hurt when I go up the stairs, I no longer have strength in my hands and due to lack of movement I also have problems with my spine.
I`ve been trying to get steroids for several years to start training again, but I didn`t dare to order anywhere, because there are a lot of fakes on the Internet.
This time I found NAPSGEAR and received the package yesterday and today I am starting the 6 week transformation cycle.
My goal is to gain a little muscle mass and lose a lot of fat to get rid of my big belly.
I have 113cm across my stomach and would like to get to 85cm. Current weight 94kg at 176cm height.
I will train 6x a week and 2x a day.
I will also start with fast walking until I manage to run at least 500m.
Then gradually move on.
My goal is not competitions, but improvement of well-being and a better figure.
When it comes to nutrition, I don`t count calories, but just make sure that I consume min. 160g of protein daily and max. 100g of hydrates and 3-4 liters of water per day.

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