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  1. C

    Can sarms help with depression?

    I have never heard of sarms before but I was reading online about depression because I've been going through it. I came across an article about depression and it said that sarms can help with that. not sure if it was just clever marketing or if it had any type of realistic Merit behind it...
  2. M

    cardazol pre or post?

    When is the best time to be using cardazol is it pre workout or post workout? I’m currently in the middle of a depression phase in my life and I need something to help push me through my workouts. Would really appreciate some tips and advice.
  3. JimAbs43

    Evolutionary Radio Episode #410 Morning Depression, Night Anxiety And New Fasting Methods.

    Evolutionary Radio Episode #410 Morning Depression, Night Anxiety And New Fasting Methods.
  4. T

    Steroids and depression

    I am doing a bulking cycle. I have my stats right here. 29 years old, 76 kg, height is 178 cm this will be my first steroid cycle. I am on medication currently for depression and have been taking it for the past year. would steroids make this problem worse should I come off my medication...
  5. T

    First-timer with sarms

    35 years old 92 kg athletic body I want to run some sarms for the first time. My goals are having a strong and healthy body year-round and looking good. I'm looking for a sarm stack that can help repair my body but also keep me looking lean and mean. My main concern is what kind of effects will...
  6. A

    anxiety and depression ruining my cycle and gains

    Hey guys this is my first post here on this forum. I'm excited to be a member of the community here. looking for a little advice on stimulating appetite. Does anyone else here experience major appetite loss when dealing with anxiety and or depression? I have mk677 on hand and took 20mg...
  7. R

    Nolvadex depression and anxiety

    You are all probably going to think I'm stupid but I'll explain a little bit about myself, I have had gyno in the past from steroids so I should never have probably done them again as I am not a major bodybuilder. I ended up having surgery to get rid of the gyno. Recent I took 1 days worth of...
  8. G

    Muscle memory, stress, depression...

    Hi all, Been lurking around on here for a long time soaking up knowledge and experiences - thought I'd finally make my first post, sorry if it's long. My stats are: 6'0, 82kg, BF: approx 20%, 26 years old. Starting around 10 years ago I trained for 4 years (3 years serious training), using 3...
  9. F

    Depression on Chest post gyno surgery

    I had a gyno surgery 8 months back both lipo and gland removal was done. Few months back I noticed depression on lower and right side of my chest. I am adding pics need suggestion if this can be fixed with workout or I should consider revision surgery. Any specific chest workouts that I should...
  10. X

    boyfriend a different person after prohormones, Help!!

    Hi everyone, Would be grateful if anyone could give me some advice. My boyfriend has been on a pro hormone for the last few weeks not sure of the name white bottle he bought in the states think it could be along the lines of tren. Anyway since he has come off it he is a total different person...
  11. M

    Post cycle depression/anxiety

    Bros Im having a real tough time. I came off a 500mg test 400mg deca cycle about a month ago and I currently suffer from something I think is depression or anxiety. I feel confused, down, nervous and scared most of the time. This is not related to losing strength or size at all. It happens...
  12. K

    Test/dbol/deca/winni cycle Blood Test! (Estradiol/estrogen) HELP!

    Hi, guys just wanted to know how I can bring my "E2" down it has been a year and 2 months after my cycle which was: Week 1-4 - Dianabol 25mg Week 1-12 - TEST E 500mg. Week 1-10 - Deca - (nandrolone decanoate) 300mg. Week 11-14 (unitil start of PCT) winni tabs - 50mg. stopped taking it 1 day...
  13. nycdave1966

    Need help with Anavar

    This is the first cycle I have done in 10+ yrs. Started Anavar about 3 weeks ago, 40 mgs/day. Increased dose to 60mg/day after 10 days. Had very bad insomnia and also a good state of depression so ended the cycle about a week ago. Would like to hear opinions on this. Did I start off with...
  14. T

    Test C Cycle and Depression

    Hey guys, I have scouted the posts to find something similar but better still hear from individuals who may have gone through the same. My interest in the gym came from a depression episode I had that lasted over a year and a half. At the time they put me on anti-depressants with hope of...

    Masteron aggression/anxiety/depression

    Hey guys I ran a 25 mg ed tren ace cycle, with 75 mg prop ed, and when I started with the tren I got the feelings of being more anxious and depressed, and a bit agression too. So for my next cycle I want to try out something else, so masteron seems to be something to consider. Any experiences...
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