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  1. C

    CBD oil for anxiety

    has anybody on here started to take CBD oil for anxiety or is that a scam? I’m now in my 60’s and the older i get the more anxiety i have. I worry about things I have no control over and all that kind of thing. If it can help where can i get it?
  2. V

    Food aggression

    do any of you believe in food aggression or food anxiety I went to see a homeopath and she put me on a chart where I would track what I eat and she determined that a lot of the foods I was eating are causing my anxiety and causing my aggression and impatience she said to stop eating those...
  3. JimAbs43

    Evolutionary Radio Episode #410 Morning Depression, Night Anxiety And New Fasting Methods.

    Evolutionary Radio Episode #410 Morning Depression, Night Anxiety And New Fasting Methods.
  4. A

    anxiety and depression ruining my cycle and gains

    Hey guys this is my first post here on this forum. I'm excited to be a member of the community here. looking for a little advice on stimulating appetite. Does anyone else here experience major appetite loss when dealing with anxiety and or depression? I have mk677 on hand and took 20mg...
  5. R

    Nolvadex depression and anxiety

    You are all probably going to think I'm stupid but I'll explain a little bit about myself, I have had gyno in the past from steroids so I should never have probably done them again as I am not a major bodybuilder. I ended up having surgery to get rid of the gyno. Recent I took 1 days worth of...
  6. X

    Anxiety after first pin of Test E

    Hello, I've been looking on answers and maybe a little advice as to what's going on, this is technical my third cycle of Test E only. I've never stacked with anything else and have always been consistent during my cycles. Yesterday I pinned my right lower quad for the first time since I got off...
  7. M

    Post cycle depression/anxiety

    Bros Im having a real tough time. I came off a 500mg test 400mg deca cycle about a month ago and I currently suffer from something I think is depression or anxiety. I feel confused, down, nervous and scared most of the time. This is not related to losing strength or size at all. It happens...
  8. J

    Someone Plzzz Helpp??!?!?

    Hey guys my name is jared im 22 years old, and about a year ago i had taken a test booster I got from gnc called Ahd, and after i stoped taking it my testes had completely shrunk and now i have zero libido,depressed all the time and crazy anxiety. I went to my dr and she had me do bloodwork and...
  9. A

    Anyone had anxiety attacks when on T3/Clen cycle???

    Hi Ladies, I'm quite new to this forum and cycles, but had a friend set me up with some stuff - aboleo pills, liquid Clen and liquid T3 (taken orally) I started at end of Oct, did 3 clen cycles, and mid-Dec started my T3 cycle, which I just finished today, and should be starting a new clen...

    Masteron aggression/anxiety/depression

    Hey guys I ran a 25 mg ed tren ace cycle, with 75 mg prop ed, and when I started with the tren I got the feelings of being more anxious and depressed, and a bit agression too. So for my next cycle I want to try out something else, so masteron seems to be something to consider. Any experiences...
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