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  1. R

    Nolvadex depression and anxiety

    You are all probably going to think I'm stupid but I'll explain a little bit about myself, I have had gyno in the past from steroids so I should never have probably done them again as I am not a major bodybuilder. I ended up having surgery to get rid of the gyno. Recent I took 1 days worth of...
  2. S

    Help! - Lambo Labs

    Is Lambo Labs Nolvadex gtg? This is urgent and any personal experience would be greatly appreciated!
  3. C

    Gyno and Hair loss

    So I have had long standing GYNO since age 15 (now 25). Due to a higher than normal testosterone balance I was thinking about going on letrozole and tamoxifen to help reduce some of it. I am aware that many think long lasting gyno cannot be reversed but I have seen it first hand here several...
  4. H

    Nolva/Tamoxifen Durring Cycle/ Also PCT?

    Hey guys, I made an account to be able to get your guys' opinion on how to proceed with my PCT. My cycle was - Weeks 1-12: Test Cyp 500mg/week - Weeks 1-6: Dbol 40mg/day I had a gyno flare up and started to take Nolva to calm it down as it was all I had on hand along with Arimidex that was...
  5. V

    tamoxifen tablets?

    I can find tamoxifen liquid quite easily, but would prefer tablets if anyone could help me find trusted sites
  6. A

    Buy Nolva online in Australia

    Hi guys Can anyone recommend a good site to buy Nolva online? Have scouted around and none of the sites I found seem to take MasterCard. Any advice would be appreciated
  7. Lou Super Man 123

    How to kill Gyno with Nolva on a Test E only cycle?

    Hey guy, it's me again, Liam, it just have this question that I couldn't answer. For sake of the argument let's say no matter what, you are not going to use an Aromatase Inhibitor, even if Jesus appears and says so, also it is your first cycle, you are on your genetic limit of growing, the cycle...
  8. W

    Post 1st Cycle help!

    Hello all, I am new to this site, and I have a very important question to ask! So I just finished my first cycle, and have a bag of 40 40mg tamoxifen Citrate. I know from just common knowledge and a couple of my friends who have done a couple cycles that it is VERY important to treat yourself...
  9. W

    Post 1st Cycle help!

    Hello all, I am knew to this site, but I have a very important question to ask! So I just finished my first cycle, and have a bag of 40 40mg tamoxifen Citrate. I know from just common knowledge and a couple of my friends who have done a couple cycles that it is VERY important to treat yourself...
  10. M

    Help selecting my 1st cycle source!

    Hey brah's. With research, I've came to the conclusion that my first cycle on actual gear is going to be one of the following three: Stanozolol (10mg) Hubei - Oracl Cycle Length: 4 Weeks : Dosing : 20/30/30/20 Anavar (10mg) Hubei - Oral Cycle Length: 4 Weeks : Dosing : 20/30/30/20...
  11. V

    Masteron without low body fat?

    I have started adding Masteron in a cycle. I would say that my body fat wasn't very low at the moment will I completely loose the benefit of this drug due to this. Will it still help build muscle?...Will it help me burn fat? I’m aware of its ‘anti-estrogenic’ properties I was just concerned that...
  12. Jigga14

    The truth about Tamoxifen (nolva)

    So a certain board rep has been pushing nolva as the "miracle pct drug" on this board. We at Elite Fitness have outgrown the use for nolva long ago when we realized there were much better products out there that did a better job with less sides, and less FATAL SIDES. Now it seems that this...
  13. J

    Finasteride induced gyno, tamoxifen possible answer?

    Finasteride induced gynecomastia I was taking finasteride for a period of 6 months on and off, I noticed wieght gain while on the finasteride but more troubling I also gained fatty tissue on the left side of my chest. I was told by my general practitioner that he didnt think it was gyno, and...
  14. B

    Agitation aid

    I can get edgy at times. Quickly agitated. Anything that would help battle this other than not taking gear that has high estrogen conversion? Would an estrogen inhibitor help? Tamoxifen for example?

    Nolvadex for Gyno Treatment

    Nolvadex for Gyno Treatment I've gotten a lot of PM's about this lately so I decided to write a thread about this so people can reference this if they have questions. Yes, Nolva can be used effectively to treat Gyno caused both by gеar usage and by obesity. During a cycle if you notice itchy -...
  16. C

    PCT suggestions for anavar-only cycle

    I am 29, 5'6", 165lbs, training consistently for 3 years and eating pretty well. I shall shortly be finishing a 6-week first-time cycle of Anavar (50mg ED but it's from an UGL) - I saw some results in terms of strength and body composition (seem to have gained around 3-4lbs clean), though as...
  17. B

    Recomp 4-6week cycle this was suggested...first timer...will this work?

    Alright im 6ft 215-210 core weight. 21 years old. I did a 1 week on clen and 1 week primatene/caffeine. clen was 100mcg daily/ primatene 65mg approx. My trainer/gym friend has suggested I do this cycle for the next 4-6 weeks... Clen/T3 and Mdrol and Tamoxifen then after 2 weeks on clen two...
  18. M

    Is tamoxifen (all by itself) worth my time and money?

    About me: I'm 35 years old. Weigh 170ish. Love to run (up to 35 miles a week). I have been lifting for 10 years (just for aesthetic reasons). I have no desire to lift competitively or participate in bodybuilding competitions. I am currently taking creatine, multi-vitamins, and flax oil. The...
  19. Evillemon

    Sore nipple with tiny little lump under arieola

    Alright everyone ! can someone please help me out here! ive been taking Winny 50mg ED for last week, my plan was to take 50mg Win ED for 6 weeks with 1 hit of test every 5 days. However after just 5 days ive found that my left nipple has become sore and there is a tiny little lump under it...
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