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Experiences with PT-141

Monstro doesn't need to use this, get a hot portugese gf and you won't need this at all
so I’ve had mixed experiences using pt-141 so far and wanted to share them and get some tips
First off I am in my 40s and the last few years I have definitely started to get erectile dysfunction. Before that it was extremely rare that I would have the issue
so I decided to take some PT-141
I’ve used it 5 times at around .75mgs each time
results have been mixed. The extreme situation happened when I took it at 9am and had a boner that wouldn’t go away even after an hour of sex. It lasted the rest of the day no joke and I felt dizzy
another time I used it and got zero effect and the other times its been decent results where I got hard thanks to it
wondering what you thought about the mixed results does it have something to do with maybe timing it the right way or Diet Etc
I have never used. I think I might stop if I were you
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