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Approved Log My TRT Cruise and recovery log

good to hear you are doing well and you're building confidence
@man05 thats good I think thats positive but we want to see you more dedicated.

nice meal I would add a protein shake with that too

how was the training today? share please
Yesterdays training, I am planning on updating a couple times per week with meal updates. The days I have been 270 or so in protein I find I feel a little bit better , perhaps 300 is my max because when I was eating high protein close to 400 my body did not feel well. Eating more carbs my workouts are much stronger then again my workouts are structured in a more productive manner than before. I have found basic exercises like barbell upright row to be my favorite shoulder exercise and I can see more definition in six weeks doing this one exercise that I could during last year alone. I will have the complete week posted Saturday with most of this weeks meals.

Barbell Bent Over Row
Meadows row off landmine
Dumbbell pullover
Dumbbell curl(alternating)
20 total30lbs/ each
Dumbbell standing wrist curl
Close Grip Landmine row
@man05 i saw your old split please copy paste text in future
but i think 4 days is fine for you imo
and waiting on your meals and some pics of food
What about a 5 days program, I like lifting to much. This six week Meso I am on has left me feeling fresh every workout, the days I push more reps or offsetting heavier lifts the next phase of that body part is lighter or less reps or vice versa.
This is my lunch, Moroccan chicken ; chicken broth, one small onion as I try to limit this and garlic in my diet , green olives, 12 boneless skinless chicken thighs, ginger, turmeric, lemon and lemon rind, salt and pepper. Cooked for 45 minutes I. The insta pot while I worked out. I ate 1.5 cups of the meat and sauce with 3/4 cup of steamed jasmine rice. Topped it off with a sugar free whey shake with almond milk and 1/2 cup of egg whites( moderation this time).
Physique shot, not as hard from the primo but muscles somewhat more full I’m guessing from glycogen. A few days after I stopped keto I went I t he garage and reps out 17 350lb squats, I had fuel for the body, totally amazing feeling, bench is climbing back up as well. Gotta say thank you Mobster, getting those skull crushers and jm’s rolling and bench has more power and more shoulder stability, most difficult exercise for me is the JM press, great form but it’s a tough one for me but worth it.


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usually guys will do anywhere from 3 day split to 5 day splits. pros might do 6 day splits but I don't think it's necessary for you
Agreed, I’ll back off the 6 day and enjoy more rest, hahah yeah I’m a pro now, NOT!
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