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Approved Log My 2024 Testosterone Equipoise cycle Log

we do not improve in a linear fashion if we did all of us would be dead by now

the guys like Rich Piana and others who have died young refuse to take steps backwards which is going to be necessary and you have a choice either you can do it voluntarily or your body can punish you and force you to do it

so don't worry about it just take a couple steps back get healthy and then push down the line
Sounds like you caught a really nasty sinus infection
don't get down on yourself it happens
the combination of stress from your cycle
and also traveling really hurt your immune system that's all
make sure you're on the right antibiotics
sometimes we become immune to them
you'll come back stronger it's not a big deal
we had a dude that got a blood clot and another dude who was in the hospital weak
getting sick is part of the game that we play
the gym is a great place to pick up some really bad diseases and viruses
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