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Approved Log My 2024 Testosterone Equipoise cycle Log

if you work out in a packed gym sometimes you have to wait anyway
so two or three minutes is not a big deal
You sure you haven't tweaked the nerve bundle there? I have in the pass
No nerve damage, I lift to the amount that I can maximally move to failure with strict form. Foam roll vastis medialius, quads calves to break up knots and adhesions. Front squats have made me stronger, I’m hoping to be at 135+ down the road, you can’t cheat with these, either you squat straight down with erect spine or you can’t do it properly. The hayfields are on the drawing board for down the road those look intense.
overall diet and you're training is on point
you're going to have good results going forward
it's a good idea to let your muscles and soft tissues rest for a couple minutes between sets
especially if you're going heavy
Last year when I joined I thought I was Ronnie Coleman, 6x a week, egg whites and shakes only, crap diet oh and no rest between sets, I gained very little and deservedly so.

I have found 2-3 minutes between the heavier squats and some quad stretching in between has been helpful.

Man I love this forum for confirmation and lots of correction as I learn more about my body and what works for it, great community.

Thanks for the great feedback
a nice job doing the fasting
I'm glad to see that it's having a calming influence to
I had some weird anxiety a week back for a few days water fast removed that, I think it was from the eq, nothing intense just noticeable, back to normal now.

I look forward to the fast, my body feels really good every time I do this. Post cycle id like to try twice a week or a two day water fast every other week.
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