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Messed my hormones - Help


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your case is not unique happens to many girls who compete I would need to see your log journal diary to help you properly or comment
Thank you all for your responses and you're right , only by the results it is difficult to help so i'll start a log , now i;m not on a cycle
I'm 163cm and 56kg (5' 4"ft and 123lb 4oz) , i was eating barely 1000-1300cals and a lot of cardio almost every day
I increased my calories to 1700 from the weekend (aprox 140C 150P 60F) and will ad again strength training

I'll share a log with my program and the supps i'll take
@SteveMobsterG yes , but she said that my hormones are ok and only adjusted the t4

Long story short , i'm 26y.o , competed in 2021 , ended with binge eating , then bulimia and for the last 7-8months i would say i have a good relationship with food. Since sept last year i was diagnosticated with hypo and i'm on T4. I was feeling extremely fatigued, could'nt loose weight even if i exercised a lot and maintaining a healthy diet, i checked with my endo the thyroid and it was the problem. I would'nt say that now i'm feeling perfect but at least a little bit better, and we are yet adjusting the T4, BUT!! my other hormones are really bad, my libido is very very low , i have mood swings very frequently , lately i have very bad water retention and feel bloated even if i eat healthy
I checked again all my hormones 2 months ago, the estrogens and FSH where a little low but my endo said that because they are in the normal ranges i should not be aware, even if i said to her that my sex drive is low

And i have no idea what to do, what supps can i take to ennhace my libido ? I tried several but there was no result

a lot of women go through the same issues as you are going through
however the difference is you are a type A personality where you want to fix the issue and are trying everything

my advice is don't be so quick to jump on this or that drug before really understanding what is wrong. the issue is certain hormones or drugs once you start using them can become necessary to function. and you don't want to be one of those people on 10 drugs and hormones for life
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